Meet our team

The Azumuta team

Team spirit has true meaning in our company. We are the best at what we do because of real collaboration across different teams, across different departments and across countries. We think and act as true entrepreneurs, responsible for our own actions, and with the guts to try out new things and to innovate.

  • Batist LemanBatist LemanBatist LemanBatist Leman
    Batist Leman
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Dirk Vermunicht
    Dirk Vermunicht
    Co-founder & Investor
  • Philippe YsebaertPhilippe YsebaertPhilippe Ysebaert
    Philippe Ysebaert
    Senior Business Developer
  • Aurélie De BrauwerAurélie De BrauwerAurélie De Brauwer
    Aurélie De Brauwer
    Lead Marketing Officer
  • Simon VannesteSimon VannesteSimon Vanneste
    Simon Vanneste
    Lead Developer
  • Brecht PlasschaertBrecht PlasschaertBrecht Plasschaert
    Brecht Plasschaert
    Customer Success Officer
  • Sander ThielemansSander ThielemansSander Thielemans
    Sander Thielemans
    Application Developer
  • Mitchell SmeyersMitchell SmeyersMitchell Smeyers
    Mitchell Smeyers
    Application Developer
  • Yarne Baeten
    Yarne Baeten
    Digital Marketing Specialist