About Azumuta

A factory is as strong as the people working in it!
With Azumuta we are building a tool to leverage those people

Our origin

Azumuta is a way of looking at problems and finding the best solution, not a solution in search of a problem. We listen to the problems our customers face, and work together with them to find the best possible solution. That way all our customers benefit from the best practices developed in the Azumuta ecosystem.

Leading manufacturing companies use Azumuta to improve performance and productivity on the factory floor.

Azumuta origin
What We Do

Our mission

Azumuta assists manufacturing companies with driving performance by enabling factory workers to learn, solve issues and offer information progressively on the factory floor. Our software connects operators, supervisors and managers to every single manufacturing aspect, and supports a culture of constant improvement.

Azumuta is a modular online platform that helps people in a factory environment to increase productivity and quality of production by better communication and technological support.

The origin of the word “Azumuta” is unclear, some think its origin lies in the Japanese word (始めた) for “I started” and resembles several values: An action, a fresh beginning, a personal commitment and responsibility, self assurance, and hope. Others think it comes from the Flemish word (Azo moeta, zo moet dat / aha, zo moet dat).

Our vision

We strongly believe manufacturing is a cornerstone of our welfare and democratic values in Europe and beyond. By making manufacturing better, our society will prosper.

Azumuta will help make manufacturing better by providing companies with technical assistance on the following topics:

Azumuta's vision


  • Making it easy to create and improve work instructions
  • Keeping overview in operator trainings
  • Integrated issue reporting & following up
  • Automating quality tracking


  • Fluid communication, for faster problem solving
  • New technology allows for instructions to become active faster
  • Personalized instructions optimize for capability, reducing bottlenecks


  • Keeping track of all incidents & possible problems
  • Training the operator in understanding the dangers related to that work post


  • Understanding and tracking the moral and physical health of the operators
  • Giving insight to all parties (company, unions, operator), preventing burnout and illness
  • Monitoring the physical stress levels per work post, suggesting assistive solutions

Azumuta is backed and supported by Imec.istart. The first investor and supporting partner to scale tech startups, ranked the no.1 university-linked accelerator in Europe by UBI Global.

About Azumuta