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  • Learn how Azumuta can power your factory floor and help you deliver your operator support faster
  • Get an overview of how we shape your entire digital workfloor and how to get the most out of it

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More than 125,000 operators from leading manufacturing
companies worldwide already trust and use Azumuta.

Organizations of all sizes are adopting Azumuta to power their factory floor

Azumuta’s solution is simple: we help organizations of all sizes—from small businesses to large companies. Our software gives manufacturing managers better visibility into their production lines by connecting the factory floor across departmental lines.

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Increased operator productivity and efficiency across your organization

See how operators can now monitor production from anywhere at any time, and streamline processes through improved communication and efficiency.

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Through Azumuta, our employees can work much more independently. In doing so, they are building both our future and their own.

Process Improvement ManagerDominique KestelootWaak

Azumuta is a tool to strengthen communication and efficiency within production!

Process EngineerAlex DeleenheerPetersime

Azumuta is very straightforward to use, but very powerful in supporting production processes.

Quality ManagerRaf KenisProvan