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Platform Features
The feature-rich Azumuta platform is the best way to meet all your requirements.
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Work instructions
Quick editing
No plugins. No learning curve. Just edit.
Add images
Support your instructions with clear visuals.
Video support
Add small videos and make your instructions speak for themselves.
Time management
Balance the durations of your instructions. And measure.
Consistent toolset
Add from a company specific standard toolset, to improve consistency.
Multiple languages
All instructions are multilingual, without keeping copies.
Audits & checklists
Configurable checks
Yes/No, OK/NOK, multiple choice, numbers, text, range sliders, ...
Smart fields
Add conditional logic, eg. "If «Not OK», ask to take a picture"
Attach notes
Add a note or a remark to the question being answered.
Artificial intelligence
Leverage powerful Google TensorFlow deep learning technology to classify images.
Range specifications
Specify the OK/NOK range of parameters being filled in.
Masked input fields
Specify the format of your input fields. eg. ##-##-####
Visual feedback
A picture is worth a thousand words. Answer a question by taking a picture.
Complex workflow
Depending on the answers to your questions you can follow a different flow.
Plugin system
Azumuta allows a third party plugin system, to add custom instruments and machine tools.
Improvement boards
Automatic workflow
Define the default workflow of your issues, to notify the responsible teams immediately.
Plan Do Check Act
Follow up your issues by using a tried and trusted method like PDCA or Kanban.
Capture from anywhere
Use your mobile phone, a tablet, a computer to capture issues from anywhere.
Personal task lists
Assign tasks to a single responsible person to move things forward.
Track improvement
Keep track of the open issues, the improvement rate, the amount of new problems.
Visualize the open issues by putting them on a dashboard.
Calendar integrations
Integrate with your calender and reduce duplication.
Visual timelines
Use the Azumuta timeline system to keep an overview of your company.
Maintenance scheduling
Use the planner to schedule maintenance operations.
Recurring audits
Use the planner to schedule recurring audits.
Factory overview
Know what's going on in your factory at all times.
Track machine health
Know the status of each machine by using the machine profile.
Paper is a first class citizen, create PDFs according to your company's specifications.
Consume Azumuta on Android, iOS and Windows tablets.
Consume Azumuta on Android and iOS phones.
Augmented reality (glasses)
Display your instructions on any pair of Android compatible AR glasses.
Augmented reality
Enhance reality by making virtual annotations.
Virtual reality
Train your people without the need for expensive production equipment.
Version control
Make sure your operators are always using the latest version of each instruction. Effortlessly.
Approval flow
Control who approves what process steps. Manage it tightly or loosely.
Blockchain security
We used a buzzword yes, but it also makes sense.
Rights management
Tightly control which group can see and edit what data.
Digital signatures
Let your users sign new revisions with one click.
ISO compliance
Easily make sure your process is audit compliant. Always. Effortlessly.
Plugin system
Use third party plugins to communicate with your machines or equipment.
Make Azumuta part of your company's ecosystem of tools.
Application programming interface
Write your own plugins and couple them with Azumuta using our API.
Partner program
Contact one of our partners to build an integration tailored to you.
Configure and tweak your settings by following our transparent guides.
Knowledge base
Make use of our member network and learn best-practices from your peers.
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