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Centralize all knowledge, training and communication in your company with the number one tool.

More than 125,000 operators from production companies worldwide already trust and use Azumuta.

Our software brings production workers closer together, makes work more attractive and delivers benefits to the entire organization.

Azumuta builds the foundation to support the transition to industry 4.0

Digital work instructions

Build, update and access work instructions wherever you are to ensure that your employees always have the (necessary) information to execute their tasks.

Quickly access work instructions by scanning QR-codes on site.

The visual aids of digital work instructions, such as photo and video, ensure a standardized way of working across global operations.

Digital Work Instructions

Through Azumuta, our employees can work much more independently. In doing so, they are building both our future and their own.

Dominique Kesteloot - Process Improvement Manager at waak

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With Azumuta you have all the know-how of your entire company at your fingertips.

Frank Ternier


The most valuable aspect about Azumuta is the simplicity with which you can integrate the different applications.

Jeroen Boone


Azumuta is a great tool to centralize all of our orders in one place and push them to our employees, in real-time.

Brecht Landrieux

Integrate with systems your company uses every day

Azumuta integrates with your existing systems. Our software has plug-ins that allow you to communicate with your database, CRM or ERP system.


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