Audits & Digital Checklists

Improve safety on the shop floor with paperless audits and create digital checklists for quality audits, 5S inspections, ISO compliance, preventive maintenance, and more.

Standardize audit procedures, analyze in real-time and provide insights with automated reports for the whole team.

Audits & Digital Checklists

Digitize Audits & Checklists

Create digital audits and improve safety and productivity on the shop floor. Manage and evaluate audits with digital checklists.

Digitize Audits & Checklists

Easily define and manage checklists

Frontline employees can fill out different types of audits: safety audit checklists, quality audits, 5S audits and more.

Drag & drop​

Use predefined templates and check types to create process audit checklists.

Use images & video

Capture and document safety issues with photo or video evidence. Workers can walk through the different steps with their tablet or mobile device.​


Support non-native speakers in your company. Set up audits and checklists in the language that your workers prefer.

audit planner

Audit Planner

Schedule and manage multiple audits, log your findings, create actions and assign an owner.

Recurring audits​

Make use of our timeline to schedule new or recurring audits and set up follow-up events. ​

Real-time monitoring​

All data from end-users phones, machines and ERP systems is captured and stored in one place.

Notify workers​

Automatic notifications and reminders are send to workers when an audit should be conducted.

Assign tasks and signatures​

Assign scheduled audits to your workers and identify authorized users to sign off if needed.

Maintenance Checklists

Create digital maintenance checklists and digitize your maintenance processes.

digital work instructions

Maintenance planning​

Plan maintenance audits and assign them to digital work instructions, checklists and even to the users.


Monitor progress in our dashboards and prevent unexpected downtimes, machines breakdowns and equipment failure.

Maintenance log

Use digital records that contains all information relating to performance of scheduled maintenance audits.

Automatic reports​

Consult digital reports with audit maintenance data and check findings with images and video feedback.

Issue and Improvement Tracking

Issue and Improvement Tracking

Manage and track all issues and eliminate nonconformities with our tracking boards. Find, record, and track events and assign them to the right workers at the right time.

Tracking boards​

Visualize your workflow, and minimize work-in-progress with PDCA, Kanban, 8D or configure your own columns and workflow.

Ticketing system​

Organize and prioritize events in a central dashboard. Categorize tickets based on issue type, priority, and department.

Automatic notifications​

Assign the appropriate workers to each event and set up automatic notifications and reminders.​

No-code workflows​

Pick a template or create custom workflows for any process and streamline how production teams work together.


Use the visual dashboards to identify progress and trends of audits with real-time metrics and create graphs and reports in just a few clicks.


Build charts to analyze​

Build different types of charts to analyze failures and KPIs for audits. See open checklist tasks and identify the root cause of errors in your production lines.

Digital logbook​

Follow updates, human errors and feedback in real-time. View the history of every inspection that took place on your production lines.

Live monitoring of audits​

Measure progress and collect audit results in real-time. Transfer audit data into a visual dashboard.

Automatic reports​

Consult digital reports with audit data and access past safety audit reports anytime.

workflow builder

Workflow Builder

Create a custom workflow for your team in a handful of clicks. In just a few minutes, you can have a seamless way to standardize how you collect audit input, issues and nonconformities from your team.

Enable automatic notifications. Report any outage in real-time.

Workflow rules​

Apply rules and actions as defined by end users - each rule has a condition and a consequence. Because of the workflow rules, tasks automatically take place in the background.

Determine your own workflow​

Put your no-code workflow on autopilot and let automations do the work for you. Keep your operators on track with automatic alerts and status updates.

Risk management​

Manage, monitor and evaluate the risk impact with the help of our risk-matrix.

Manufacturing nonconformities​

Eliminate nonconformities with our visual tool. View pending issues, defects and actions in one of our pre-built workflow templates.

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations