Training & Competence Management

Train your employees with digital work instructions and checklists, using images and video to document processes. Track operator skill level and gain instant visibility into the skill set of your workforce.

Bring employees onboard more efficiently with self-learning and on-the-job learning.

Training & Competence management

Mobile Learning

Your learners can complete training on the go and adjust their learning schedules while you track their progress. New updates are always available in real-time with our mobile app.

Now, users can really start and pause training from anywhere.

mobile learning for manufacturing companies azumuta

IOS & Android apps​

Bring collaborative learning anywhere with our mobile app through IOS, Android, Windows. Users can always keep learning, even offline.

Push training notifications​

Don’t risk losing your learners. Push notifications when operators need additional training or when instructions are updated.

Use images and video​

Your employees can easily click through the individual work steps, and at the same time document possible irregularities or errors.


Support non-native speakers in your company. Set up audits and checklists in the language that your workers prefer.

Competency and skill matrix for manufacturers azumuta

Competency Matrix

Track performance and get an overview of the skills and competencies of your learners. Easily check the skills level of each operator. Identify at a glance whether there are enough backup workers when permanent employees drops out.

See where gaps exist and quickly switch between operators and workstations.

Identify skill gaps​

Detect your employees’ weaknesses with competency matrix and analysis. Redesign their learning paths according to their needs.

Skills coverage​

Identify where you have sufficient coverage of skills and the areas where you need more people trained in which tasks.

Track team progress​

Supervisors can view progress and completion based on each individual learner.

On-the-job training​

Train operators to the latest standards so they have the necessary skills to complete certain tasks.

Customized Training Path

Create a customized training path with the help of our planner. Start ad hoc training or schedule recurring trainings to make sure your learners are always up-to-date. Assign training to be taken in a specific order, based on user attributes and your training's requirements.

Customized Training Path azumuta

Knowledge check​

Help learners reflect on their comprehension and understanding of content with a wide variety of question types. Review worker's learning progress and see where gaps exist.

Ad hoc training​

Your employees can start and pause training from anywhere. React faster when absence occurs, resolve skill gaps and catch peak moments.

Based on historical data​

Users aren't always aware of new courses that are available. Set automatic training and notifications to each individual based on their training history.


Generate legally required documents automatically and set minimum training times.

integration with azumuta

Seamlessly Integrate Azumuta with Your Existing Platforms

Keep your people and learning data synchronised without any difficulty. Our platform allows you to communicate Azumuta to your existing HR and LMS platforms and applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

Connect the dots between industry-leading expertise and real-world applications in a few clicks.

Training Dashboard

Track performance and get an overview of the skills and competencies of your learners. Supervisors can view progress and completion based on each individual learner.

As soon as work instructions change, it's easy to see who needs training. Always make sure the number of training hours meets the statutory minimum.

training dashboard for manufacturing companies azumuta

Independent learning​

Make less work, not more, for your training supervisors. Employees can go completely independently through training courses.

Ensure safe working conditions​

Keep an overview and ensure that each worker reads the correct safety procedure and has approved.

Training report​

Supervisors can view progress and completion based on each individual learner. Get an overview of the data you need via extensive reports.

Blended learning​

Combine multiple learning technics with different tools and media - organize online and in-person training. Give learners equal opportunities to succeed their learning goals.

learning and development content for manufacturers azumuta

Learning & Development Content Management

Unlock potential in your organization–let your people create and build training material together.

Collaborative editing​

No hassle when creating and updating training modules! Every employee can create and collaborate all in one place.

Drag & drop​

Use predefined templates and many rich editing possibilities to set up training modules.

Fast forward​

Experienced workers can speed up training. Assign customized paths that fit the skills level of each individual.


Fine-tune roles and assign permissions by user or group when creating training modules.

User Management

Simplify and secure user management on the shopfloor with streamlined application access for everyone. Easily import and set up operators with the appropriate permissions. Create and deliver the correct training to the right learner by using dynamic user settings.

Connect your workforce and guarantee fast user onboarding.

user management for manufacturers azumuta

User provisioning​

Set up the right accounts with appropriate permissions, put them in the right groups, and ensure they have the right tools.


Fine-tune roles and assign permissions by user or group when creating training modules.​


Easily segment learners into relevant groups according to the characteristics that drive learning needs.

Single sign-on​

Use our single sign-on solution and get instant access to your personalized account.

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations