For operators and production teams

Training and competence management

Provide technical training quickly and easily, in an innovative way. Keep all knowledge central in the organization and follow the training and skills level very closely. Stimulate personal development in the workplace.

Thanks to our Learning Management System, training new employees is very easy. Employees can train themselves, which significantly shortens the training path.

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On-the-job training.

Let your production workers learn on the production floor. On-the-job training wherever and whenever you want.

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Systematic scheduling of training.

Operators are always up to date with the latest training version. Track the progress of employees in a clear way. Analyze and adjust on time.

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Ad hoc training on the work floor.

Employees can follow training at any time. Quickly arrange replacements in case of illness, switch between different workstations and catch peak moments. Place new employees directly in the work field using our learning management system.

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Training overview per operator.

Get an overview of the skills and competences of your operators. See per individual what work instructions he or she has been trained on. As soon as work instructions change, it's easy to see who needs training.

Make sure the number of training hours meets the statutory minimum.

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Receive notifications during training.

Operators automatically receive notifications when they need additional training or when instructions are updated.

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Prevent errors in the production process.

As soon as work instructions change you can easily see who needs training. Operators are therefore always up to date with the latest version of an instruction.

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Coverage per skill.

Easily check the training level of each operator. Identify at a glance whether there are enough backup operators when the permanent operator drops out of service. Quickly switch between operators and workstations.

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