Digital Work Instructions

All visual work instructions, training documents, and technical writing resources are easy to create and manage in one place. Centralize and standardize all of your documentation easily with Azumuta.

digital work instructions

Standardizing Work Instructions

A central platform for standard operating procedures and work instructions.

No more clumsy editing of Word documents, Excel or using Sharepoint. Let your workforce work faster realizing they are following a standard format by default.

Standardizing Work instructions azumuta

Approval workflows​

Determine who approves and reviews changes before the modified work instruction is put into production.​

Building collaborative teams​

Improve communication, save time and reduce duplication by standardizing procedures across work instructions.​

Operator and admin interface​

Our intuitive interface is designed for the entire production team, for the creation of processes and procedures.​

visual work instructions

Visual Work Instructions

Use images or videos of how to perform any procedure and convert text into simple visual instructions.

Take photos or videos directly on the shop floor and add them to your standard work instructions.

Visual communication​

Use visual elements, like objects, symbols, or written words to communicate complex procedures in an easy to understand format.​

Capture in the field​

Video and images can be captured on any device while developing procedures on the shop floor.​

Inline elements​

Images linked to work instructions can be clarified using visual elements included in the operation description sheet editor.​

Equipment & symbols​

Select the required equipment and/or tools to indicate important points across steps.​

Approval Workflows in One Place

With Azumuta you can manage the approval of documented procedures across several teams. Create custom approval workflows and determine who can manage, approve, and release new versions of instructions.

shop floor data capture azumuta

Revision history​

View and compare different versions of edits that are made to your standards. Approve draft versions as a new revision official version. Identify which elements have changed in detail.​

Custom approval workflows​

Work instructions can immediately be approved or officialized by one person or multi-person approval (provided the appropriate rights).​

Automated workflow​

Ensure that changes are approved by specific team members before they are released. Streamline and standardize your entire approval process.​

shop floor data capture for manufacturing companies azumuta

Shop Floor Data Capture

Within Azumuta it's possible to add different types of checks to work instructions. In that way you can collect critical information from process workers directly on the shop floor.

While doing the procedure, operators can gather measurements, signatures-checks, torque values, etc.

Automated data collection​

A highly automated process to reduce time it takes to collect data and reduce the amount of data entry errors.​

In real-time​

The latest data is immediately available to all workers and departments in the company which greatly increases the visibility within production.​

Quality Control​

Ensure the quality of every work order by collecting critical data during the procedures. Identify problems in production before they occur on the shop floor.​

Export your data

Transform data into easy-to-understand visualizations directly from Azumuta or via API to the company’s external applications.​

Shop Floor Feedback

Integrate a feedback loop between shop floor operations and supervisors for process improvement. Let frontline workers improve ideas or report problems directly within any step of a work instruction.

shop floor feedback azumuta

Improvement boards​

Via the digital improvement boards, it's clear at a glance what improvements there are in a team and what the status is. ​

Employee engagement​

Employees are more engaged because everyone is involved in continuous improvement of the company.​

Knowledge capture​

Get your operators' knowledge directly from your procedures and gather it in one central tool.​

training for manufacturing companies

Train to Your Standards

Transform your standard work instructions into online technical training. Follow the training and skills level very closely and and see who has been trained on the most recent version in real-time.

Ensure that employees are always being onboarded, cross-trained, and re-trained to the most recent standards.

Training modules​

Set up training modules with standard work instructions that operators can follow directly on the shop floor.​

Train on standards​

Turn standard work instructions into modules for your employees to train on.​

Skills tracking​

Ensure that your frontline workers are always able and sufficiently qualified to meet the needs of documented standards. Use the competency matrix to understand the skills-level within your workforce.​

ISO 9001 Compliant

Azumuta allow our customers to improve quality standards and meet ISO requirements through procedures & standards, online training, and better communication.

ISO 9001 Compliant

Streamline documents​

Azumuta is created with the goal to streamline technical documentation and quality procedures in an easy and logical way.​

Extensive version control​

Easily find out when work instructions have been changed from previous version(s). Track who made changes and make sure your work instructions always stay ISO compliance.​

Accessible for every worker​

By using tablets or smartphones, Azumuta provides your workers with intuitive access to standards right on the shop floor.​

Digital signatures​

Use e-signatures to approve documents rather than hand written signatures.​

Operator & admin view

Operator and Admin view

Besides the web interface, which is meant for administrator users, Azumuta has its own interface for operators. This interface is simplified and only displays the necessary procedures that the operator needs to perform his tasks properly.

QR code

Let operators scan QR codes to access instructions and procedures on their workstation.​


Support non-native speakers in your company. Set up procedures in the language that your workers prefer.​

Easy-to-use and remote app​

Let operators work in the same system while using a smartphone or tablet to access procedures in real-time.​

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations