Get instant access to Dropbox for new files so everyone has the most up-to-date information about work instructions in Azumuta.

Dropbox and Azumuta bring your content and conversations together in one place. This makes it easy for teams to work together.

Why integrate Dropbox with Azumuta?

  1. Keep your entire team informed by sending files directly from Dropbox to other team members in Azumuta.
  2. Less switching between platforms. Share your Dropbox files directly and easily.
  3. Always and everywhere on the same level with everyone. View all files of the work instructions from any device via Azumuta. This way you are always aware of the latest changes.

How do you integrate Dropbox with Azumuta?

  1. Sign in to your Dropbox account and your Azumuta account.
  2. When you navigate to a work instruction, click Edit triggers in the upper right corner.
  3. Install your triggers. You can also link Dropbox channels to Azumuta to receive notifications when an item is created or completed.

More info

More information about using Dropbox as an integration can be found in our user guide.