Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
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Get instant access to Microsoft Teams for new updates, new items and messages so everyone will have the up to date information about the work instructions in Azumuta.

Microsoft Teams is the new way of efficient collaboration and goes much further than just chat or (video) conferencing.

Why integrate Microsoft Teams with Azumuta?

  1. Share links, your screen or files in chats or during conversations.
  2. Manage all users in one Azumuta admin portal.
  3. Organize meetings or webinars with up to 10,000 visitors inside or outside your organization!

How to set up the Microsoft Teams integration in Azumuta

  1. Sign up for a Microsoft Teams account and an Azumuta account to get started.
  2. Once your organisation has access to Microsoft Teams, you can download the desktop application, access Teams through your browser or download the application.
  3. Calls or meetings in your calendar automatically show the most important contact information.

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