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Shop Floor Connect
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Get instant access to The ShopFloorConnect API for new files so everyone has the most up-to-date information about work instructions in Azumuta.

The ShopFloorConnect API is a web service-based two-way communication protocol that enables ShopFloorConnect to receive manufacturing job schedule information from your ERP.

Why integrate the ShopFloorConnect API with Azumuta?

  1. Any of the information in the ShopFloorConnect API database is available in Azumuta and can be directly accessed using any standard method.
  2. As jobs are run and completed, ShopFloorConnect has an Event Notification Service that reports the results back to the ERP software - including data such as job end time, number of good and scrap parts produced, etc.
  3. The API enables Azumuta to add jobs, update job requirements, cancel jobs, or move jobs from one work center to another. The manufacturing schedule can be updated or even completely replaced by your ERP software at any time, in real time.

How do you integrate the ShopFloorConnect with Azumuta?

  1. Sign up for a Sign in with ShopFloorConnect API and an Azumuta account to get started.
  2. When you navigate to a work instruction, click on edit triggers in the upper right corner.
  3. Install your triggers. You can also link ShopFloorConnect API channels to Azumuta to receive updates when a product is created or completed.

More info

More information about using the ShopFloorConnect API as an integration can be found in our user guide.