Single Sign On
Single Sign On
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Get instant access to Single Sign On for new files so everyone has the most up-to-date information about work instructions in Azumuta.

Single Sign On software enables end users to log in once, after which automatic access is provided to multiple applications and resources in the network.

Why integrate Single Sign On with Azumuta?

  1. Simplicity for the end user.
  2. The end user is more productive.
  3. Provides the ability to tighten the only remaining login procedure and make the network more secure.

How do you integrate Single Sign On with Google with Azumuta?

  1. Sign up for a Single Sign On-account and an Azumuta account to get started.
  2. When you navigate to a work instruction, click on edit triggers in the upper right corner.
  3. Install your triggers. You can also link Single Sign On channels to Azumuta to receive updates when a product is created or completed.

More info

More information about using Single Sign On as an integration can be found in our user guide.