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Easy to use and efficient. Create simple work instructions to optimize any operational procedure. Our intuitive interface makes it possible to add visuals and comments. Let's put an end to human errors and miscommunications with these features!

digital work instructions

Explore how to digitize work instructions
for the Shop Floor

digital work instructions

Drag & drop every element

Updating SOP procedures and instructions has never been easier. Add, remove, or customize with just a few clicks. Anyone can use Azumuta, with no coding skills required.

Azumuta Workflow Builder

Build products the right way

Create instructions for different variations of your products. Select and specify more options on specific products. Unlock unlimited product variations and emerge to customer demands!

visual work instructions

Use images and video’s

Video and images can be captured on any device while developing procedures on the shop floor.​ Add images and video’s to your work instructions and sops to make them clear and visual.

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Benefits of paperless, smart work instructions

Boost productivity

With a user-friendly interface like Azumuta, frontline workers can easily access years of experience with the click of a button, building more efficient production lines.

Less errors, more quality

Give operators the right work instruction, at the right time time to ensure that tasks are carried out correctly, issues are solved and you can deliver high-quality products.

Easy to use and follow

Create, update and distribute all your work instructions and procedures with just one click and you will always have the latest version at hand. Save 60% of operator effort and gain 80% more shop floor efficiency.

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Use a digital, intuitive work instruction tool

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Get real-time visibility​​

Collect and monitor production data, and use analytics to create real-time metrics, with no-code workflows, dashboards and reports. Identify KPIs and uncover important AI-driven insights that will boost productivity on the shop floor.

Alerts & notifications

Receive automatic notifications and alert operators when certain deviations and non-conformities occur. Reduce human-errors and become a zero defect production company.

Export data ​

Transform data into easy-to-understand visualizations directly from Azumuta or via API to the company’s external applications.​

Batist Leman, CEO Azumuta
"Being able to provide visual, paperless instructions to support operators perform daily tasks and complex processes - that’s really been the key to the success of many production companies."
Batist Leman
CEO Azumuta

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