10 reasons why an internship at Azumuta is the best

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My name is Lara and I had an internship with the marketing team of Azumuta for the past 11 weeks. I’m in my final year of Marketing at Hogent and was looking for a cool internship to gain tons of experience, and I succeeded! In this blog I will talk about my experience and convince you why Azumuta really is the best place for your internship. 

At Azumuta they see their interns as colleagues, during the internship I really was and felt like a full-blown member of the Azumuta team. Everyone is very respectful and eager to help, this way you learn from a lot of different people with different expertises. 

Every time we proposed a crazy idea, something that lays completely out of the Azumuta standard, it was welcomed with open arms. Thinking out of the box is something that is appreciated so much and every idea will be heard and considered. 

You learn tons of new things every day. I have learned more the past eleven weeks than I could ever imagine! The first few days you literally get thrown in which is a little overwhelming at first but it really makes you learn so much in such a short time. I knew nothing about work instructions but have been completely immersed in the world of SaaS and industry 4.0. Bring it on! 

Believe it or not but my first day was teambuilding! Joining the team to go golfing on your first day definitely is a way of getting to know everyone from the start. At Azumuta, team spirit and fun times with colleagues are super important. Going to events together, Friday night drinks or quizzing are no exception and the vibes are always on point!

Teambuilding Azumuta

During lunch break you learn facts you didn’t know you needed. Politics, cute baby names, centrifugal force, everything is discussable! No lonely lunch breaks alone at your desk, everyone eats together and everyone relaxes after a hard morning’s work. 

As an intern at Azumuta you get a lot of independence, working on projects from start to finish is no exception. This really ensures that you get a lot of satisfaction from your work and that you feel like you can make a difference for the company. Just go for it!

This brings me to the next great aspect of being an intern at Azumuta, they are super appreciative of the work you do. Good work always gets noticed and they will definitely say something about it if they are happy! (and if they are not)

With Azumuta being a startup, interns come into contact with every aspect of marketing. From content creation to SEO and SEA to helping to optimize the website, you will learn it all! 

The Azumuta team is one big group of friends, they all know each other very well and there are only good vibes at the office. No gossip or rivalry, everyone has each other’s best interests at heart which makes it a pleasant place to work as an intern. 

Last but not least, Aurélie and Indira are the most amazing supervisors who really help you grow your skills. They are super enthusiastic and motivated and always ready to help. I was lucky enough to work with two other amazing interns who made the experience even more memorable.

I can look back on an educational period in which I learned a lot in the field of marketing but also about myself! I’ve met a lot of cool and fascinating people and I’m sure our paths will cross again someday. If you are looking for a challenging but very fun internship, don’t hesitate any longer! Shoot your shot, maybe they have a place for you. 

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