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Sett Gent: Speed Up Your Digital Transformation with Azumuta

Azumuta took part in the Sett Gent event on the digitalization and innovation of education. The Learning Management System of Azumuta can help to train students and employees through instructions on its digital platform.

Gemba Walk Checklist

Gemba Walk Checklist & Guide

Gemba Walk Checklist Does your company operate according to the lean philosophy, but are Gemba Walks not yet applicable? If so, a Gemba Walk Checklist can help

Get an ISO 9001 Certification

Get an ISO 9001 Certification with the right tool

The ISO 9001:2015 standard, which is the most used standard for quality management systems (QMS), uses a proactive, risk-based strategy that places documentation at the center

Lean Manufacturing

Inspiring Lean Manufacturing Quotes

“Lean Manufacturing” is still one of the most popular buzzwords in the manufacturing business today. The lean concept is one of the most successful strategies for