35 of Flanders’ Hottest Tech Startups

Azumuta 35 of Flanders’ Hottest Tech Startups

As part of its mission as one of the world’s leading startup incubators, Imec is committed to supporting its Imec.istart startups in their early years. The renowned support program provides them with expert coaching and helps them find potential investors to help accelerate their business.

With imec.istart’s support, the startups become promising technology companies with compelling solutions in smart areas and strong international ambitions.

Flanders’ tech sector continues to thrive and grow, as dozens of promising young tech companies – commonly referred to as scale-ups – were revealed at last week’s Imec Investor Day in Antwerp. The event brought together 35 of the most promising tech ventures in Flanders, including Azumuta, alongside investors, business angels and mentors who took the time to give the young firms valuable insights into scaling up their businesses. Here are some of the highlights from the day, so you can learn more about these exciting new companies in our region!

investor day Imec

Meet some of the Most Exciting Young Talents from Flanders

It’s not only exciting to see these products in action, but also to meet some of these talents. Most are very passionate about their projects and it makes for some great conversations with all kinds of new people. We really loved meeting entrepreneurs from Ghent, Antwerp & Brussels and got very excited about these promising start-ups.

It was great to see how much these innovative entrepreneurs have accomplished over such a short time frame. Below is a list with those who pitched their start-ups on stage during Imec.istart Investor Day.

📍 Ghent
Azumuta is a SaaS platform that helps manufacturing companies to reduce production downtime, increase quality and gain real-time insight in their process. We do this by enabling blue-collar workers to capture, use, and share important information on the factory floor with any device.

COSH! Conscious Shopping Made Easy
📍 Brugge
Discover sustainable stores near you. Or tailor a shopping route based on your personal style & budget.

📍 Brussels
Unlock the value of personal data by accessing & combining your users’ 3rd-party behavioral data in a legal way.

Datavillage banner

dScribe data
📍 Melle
We allow everyone to generate value through data. Anywhere. Anytime. With a smile.

Epic Blue
📍 Leuven
Epic Blue is an award-winning technology company providing Location solutions for business-critical operations.

eXia Belgium
📍 Brussels
Global pioneer in electrostatic sensor solutions for near-field obstacle detection

Fan Arena – Fantasy Sports Software
📍 Ghent
Your Fans. Our Game. Fan Arena is your B2B fantasy sports provider. We leverage your digital reach.

📍 Leuven
Keep buildings and spaces in good, safe and clean condition. FixForm allows you to easily report, manage and fix every problem within your building or space.

📍 Ghent
We measure vital parameters within seconds.

📍 Ghent
Kadonation. For the moments that matter.

Kadonation for moments that matter

📍 Hasselt
Predictive intelligence to optimize customer journeys at scale, mainly in Life Sciences

📍 Genappe
Young startup working on bringing you the first ever wearable rescue device.

📍 Brussels
Helping people to take a break, relax or fall asleep faster. Just by breathing 🌿

Moonbird banner

📍 Maaseik
Clever, demand-driven electrical underfloor heating system for all kinds of buildings.

📍 Leuven
We change data chaos into action for professional football clubs.

📍 Kortrijk
MyPitch helps football players – and their friends – to discover their potential with game insights.

📍 Brussels
A sustainable, cost-effective and reliable energy storage system with second-life batteries from electric vehicles!

📍 Ghent
Teaching vehicles on rails to drive autonomously.


📍 Melle
Enlightened Planar Optics

PLAY IT – Game-based learning
📍 Kortijk
Train more personnel in a fun, safe and effective way, while you save costs, track results and gain insight.

📍 Antwerp
AI-Powered Waste Flow Monitoring ♻️

📍 Egem
Prixo helps European companies to plan more efficiently, become more profitable and grow their business.

📍 Ghent
Raymon is an open ML observability platform for data inspection, data validation, issue detection and troubleshooting.

📍 Brussels
One-stop-shop machine rental platform. Save time now: Compare, choose & book the best offer among all rental companies!

📍 Houthalen
We provide sensing and communication for when it matters the most.

📍 Hasselt
The first financial app in real estate!

Setle banner

📍 Brussels
Reduce water consumption by over 22% in buildings with unparalleled water flow analytics

📍 Brussels
Smooved takes the hassle out of moving so that you can settle in.

📍 Antwerp
Meet Stolp. Your partner in crime to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with yourself & others.

📍 Delft
Energising Lives. Electrifying Rides.

📍 Antwerp
We ensure an influx of qualified candidates for your vacancy. Through targeted advertising on social media.

📍 Sint-Martens-Latem
The online tool for (self)training, coaching and digitalized therapy

📍 Ghent
We decrease the administrative burden on clinicians.

📍 Ghent
Leveraging AI for carbon-neutral shipping.

Toqua AI

Turbulent Hydro
📍 Wilsele
Generate reliable, 100% green-energy from thousands of rivers and canals with small height differences.

Turbulent Hydro banner

📍 Brussels
Meeting platform – A social community based on interests: “blind group meeting to make friends”.

📍 Brussels
Disruptive perception systems.

By digitally collecting, centralizing and processing geographic, time and custom data of every moving object on a golf course, in real time, we aim to increase the health of every golf club, the success of every golf competition and the satisfaction of every golfer.

Tech Startups

We had a Blast!

The event was well-organized and offered a great platform for scale-ups and investors to exchange information. The speakers gave interesting insights into how they see their market, where they can innovate or improve, and how they relate to other start-ups.

Azumuta had a real blast! The day was full of inspiring talks, valuable insights and input with a lot of attendees. Thanks to everyone involved in this amazing event! And a big thank you to Imec for organizing such a cool event! Check out #investorday21 for more.

Pitch Azumuta

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