7 Reasons to Switch to Digital Checklists

Digital checklist

Are you tired of wasting precious time going through checklists every time? Are the piles of paperwork getting to be too much for you? Azumuta is happy to take over the mountain of administration from you. We simplify your company inspections and automate your quality checks. Thus, with digital checklists you can save a lot of time, money and effort. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly. Not convinced yet? Then be sure to follow our 7 reasons to switch to a digital factory floor.

What do we mean by checklists?

A clear overview of standards and regulations or requirements that certain products, processes or activities must meet. Every company in the manufacturing industry must meet quality and safety requirements. Checking off the proposed checks means that the organization meets the requirements for a product, process and/or production method.

Digital checklists are short for keeping your checklists digital. With a tool like Azumuta, you can avoid large amounts of paper records. In this way you make it possible to keep complex quality requirements structured and the check process completely digital. Simple as that!

Why choose digital checklists?

Do you recognize it? The piles of paper you just can’t get rid of. Okay, oldschool work has its charm. But when you lose hours drafting, printing and keeping track of your production checks, you have a problem.

Manufacturing companies are using more and more electronic tools to support their production process. Digital checklists are popular because of their many advantages: they are user-friendly, time-saving and environmentally friendly. They are designed to help production workers on the factory floor. But a proper checklist is worth so much more than a sheepish checklist, and for 7 different reasons:

Quick to use: While paper checklists waste you an immense amount of time, digital checklists can be consulted instantly. You track updates, errors and feedback live. View the history of every action that took place in your production line. Within Azumuta the operator can also digitally consult his work instructions and also link these to checks.

Easier to understand: During company inspections, a lot of communication goes back and forth. When an unexpected problem arises in production, employees can use their smartphone or tablet to record issues. Problem solving between teams and workstations goes more smoothly this way.

Better data (Or better data quality): Data tracking digitally drastically reduces errors. Pick lists and multiple-choice fields provide standard form completion, form fields can be set to be mandatory. In this way, the operator can only submit when all information has been provided. Data processing thus becomes piece of cake!

Better visibility: Our improvement boards help you track improvements and issues more easily. Use our PDCA improvement method to get an overview of your improvement actions and their status. Communicate all issues to the entire work floor.

Better collaboration: Our software can help the operator work more easily with the supervisor on problems on the factory floor. Team leaders can easily look for solutions together with the operator. This can be done through digital follow-up within the application where each production employee can provide feedback.

Strong compliance: Documents can be permanently tracked for both internal and external audits. Manufacturers can thus demonstrate that they are complying with the appropriate guidelines. Furthermore, it is also possible to send approval requests to the responsible team members. Each party involved receives a notification if the document has been signed.

Reduce your carbon footprint: Finally, digital checklists are a must for any paperless factory. Eliminating paper has a huge impact on the environment and on your personal carbon footprint.
So: Think before you print!

Tick Azumuta off your wish list ✔️

Digitize your entire control process on the production floor with Azumuta. Check, analyze, report, and sign off. The result? You work faster, more efficiently, and always in compliance with all standards.

Azumuta is an operator support system that bundles knowledge, training, and communication on the production floor into one convenient tool. In just a few clicks you can create, manage and process checklists. In no time at all you can convert them into digital checklists and adapt them according to your preferences: a simple check, a value, an answer to a multiple-choice question or an answer with an image or video.

Our software works on any type of device and integrates with numerous applications. Want to find out more? Give your business a digital boost today and contact us via the website.

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