Azumuta at First Virtual Technology Fair


Yesterday we participated with Azumuta in the The Virtual Industry Fair 4.0, or the very first virtual technology fair in the Benelux. The impact of the Coronavirus was felt ever harder. This was a cleverly devised alternative to the innumerable trade fairs and events that had been hit.

The virtual fair revolved around Industry 4.0: digital evolution and connectivity lead to new ways of producing, new products and new business models. For Flemish companies, the transition Industrie 4.0 is a hugely important element. Also with Azumuta we want to respond to this, production companies must be able to keep their ‘industrial’ activity here and even strengthen it.

From a distance, we were able to network fully from behind our screens. We came, in a safe way, in contact with a lot of interesting companies and customers dealing with the same subject. We exchanged a lot of information with Azumuta about the implementation of digital work instructions in production environments.

Implementation of work instructions

During Azumuta’s presentation, called ‘Lessons learned on the implementation of work instructions’, Batist, the CEO of Azumuta, briefly explained how to simplify the creation and maintenance of work instructions and how to start using the software optimally.

Manufacturing companies today need digital work instructions that are quickly created and easily consultable. The shift towards Industry 4.0 shows significantly that companies need digital work instructions that will support their operators at every level.

Visiting stands and talking to exhibitors was a reality! In addition
Lively interaction was guaranteed by means of live chats, video calls and brainstorming rooms, both for a broad audience and for one-to-one conversations.

In all, a successful event if you ask us!

In the video below, Batist explains how best to set up digital work instructions and how to automate this process. Take a look, or consult our website for more info.

digital work instructions

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