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Digital work instructions to support employees' mental health
The ever-changing business environment has a major impact on the way we work. It is important for companies to innovate, streamline production processes and find new ways to increase efficiency. This opens many new possibilities, but it’s also a challenge to navigate through these new tools. After all, we all want to work smarter and not harder, but how do you use these technologies intelligently to make your operators’ jobs workable? Last week, VLAIO and Flanders Make organized a workshop with educational highlights and hands-on workshops, in which software providers and companies shared their experiences. Led by experts and professionals from Flemish manufacturing companies, including Azumuta, you could experience first-hand how technology helps us to work efficiently. They kicked off with the keynote about workable work. Committing to workable work is a win-win for both the employee and the employer. Industry 4.0 can offer the operator both physical and cognitive support. In the case of physical support, robots ensure that the ‘physical’ efforts of the operators are reduced. Because they are supported by machines, physical damage and long-term injuries can be avoided and their bodies are less stressed. During the workshop, exoskeletons were available to experience this automation for yourself. Cognitive operator support is our expertise, which is why our client Bart Helsen from Baltimore Aircoil came to speak about their experiences with Azumuta.  There are different digital tools that can be helpful for the emotional well-being of employees.
  • Wearables and digital biomarker apps on smartphone or tablet These tools are used for collecting all sorts of psychological data about employees, from emotional state to heart rate. This way employers are able to respond to the emotional state of their employees and discover pain points in the workplace. The employer only sees anonymized data to ensure the employees privacy.
  • Prevention and treatment solutions These solutions can vary from prevention chatbots to in-person psychotherapy, meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The solutions can be about mental health only but also about related topics such as sleep, nutrition and many more related subjects. Life can be challenging and it is very important to offer personalized solutions to someone’s current psychological situation.
  • Analytic tools These tools will use the data collected by wearables to alert when certain employees need to take some time off to recharge. Employers could work with solutions that measure well-being on the workfloor.

How digital work instructions boost cognition

I bet you are wondering how our digital work instructions can contribute to better mental health. Azumuta offers custom made instructions and training personalized to the needs of every operator. Because of this, training time gets reduced and operators are flexible employable. At the end of the process there will be less failure and increased efficiency which results in less cognitive load and increased confidence of the employees! Are you ready for the technological transition? Schedule a 30-minute demo and discover how we can make your company more efficient. 
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