Reduce Customer Complaints with Quality Control Checklists

Reduce Customer Complaints with Quality Control Checklists

Many companies strive for operational excellence. Operational excellence can be defined as the execution of the business strategy more consistently and reliably than the competition, with lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues relative to its competitor.

The goal of operational excellence is to meet the customers expectations. Many companies try to meet those customer expectations by using quality control checklists, which are related to the produced products. Implementing quality control checklists ensures that product requirements are met.

In a non digital environment, quality control checklists are often limited to simple OK/NOK questions which need to be filled in by the operator. The limited proof of those checks can cause discussion in case of customer complaints.

With the help of digital quality checklists the types of product checklists can be extended. Pictures can be added, barcodes can be scanned,…. The purpose of digital product checklists is to make sure all data, needed to prove the product excellence, is captured.

Azumuta has a lot of features to help you build your digital quality checklists, including an extensive product traceability report. However the quality of your reports depends entirely upon the quality of the provided data in your quality checklists. Use these steps to shift from paper checklists to digital quality reports.

Start with Implementing the needed Quality Checks.

The advantage of digital checklists is that the needed checks can be implemented within the work instruction of a product. Checks can be added easily within a work instruction step or as additional steps within the production of an order, this via the help of the check tab. Start with choosing the right type of check:

product checks

Ensure the Completeness of the Quality Checklist

Tired of checking the completeness of a product checklist at the final release step of a product order? This step is now redundant! With the help of the check options you can ensure that the operator needs to fill in each of the steps before proceeding or finishing the work instructions. This makes sure the checklist is 100% completed before moving on to the next step.

quality checklist

Push the Product Checklist to the Operator

By scanning the order form or selecting the product order, the necessary work instructions and checklists will be shown to the operator. Navigating through the product checklist, the operator will provide answers on each of the applied checks.

product checklist for operator

Go a step further with Product Order Traceability Reports

If you use the product checklist we’ve covered so far, your product order will give you a good idea about the status of the order (Planned, ongoing or finished), but you can go deeper with the product traceability report for each of the steps performed.

product order traceability

The product order traceability report gives you an overview of each of the performed steps as well as the given answers for each of the implemented checks. This digital product order traceability report replaces the paper checklist of Today.

As an added benefit, the standard product traceability report can be viewed in more detail. This allows you to filter and get information about which operator did execute which steps in case multiple operators did execute the product checklist.

product order traceability report

Still not 100% convinced to get rid of a printed (paper) proof? Export the answers of product checks to a word file designed by yourself with just one simple click.

quality control report

Choosing the right Quality Control Tool

With the right tool like Azumuta, the paper-to-digital transition during quality control operations brings its share of benefits.

Do you want to see Azumuta in Action? Get a free and personalized demo and our Azumuta specialists will be thrilled to help you transfer your paper-based product checks to our digital platform. Tick all the boxes with Azumuta ✅

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