The Next Step in Knowledge Sharing

The Next Step in Knowledge Sharing

Manufacturers must create an effective knowledge management strategy as a result of mass retirements. A successful knowledge management strategy brings a range of tools and resources to help employees find information and share knowledge. With the right Knowledge Sharing Tool like Azumuta, a company can easily assist in the capture, organization, and transfer of knowledge. Why waste precious time, centralize your knowledge now!

Importance of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the process of combining experience and knowledge to gain insight, solve issues, and develop through time. These resources are subsequently shared among the frontline workers.

Companies that lack proper management will rely on the skills of a few individuals rather than utilizing the full staff. Knowledge management solutions and strategies enhance employee performance as well as operational excellence, resulting in immediate advantages.!

Wave of Retirements

Nowadays, industrial businesses are failing to capture their workforce’s knowledge and skills as a result of the “Silver Tsunami”, a flood of retirements. According to a recent poll, 57 percent of Baby Boomers have only shared half of the knowledge required to accomplish their job after they retire.

Manufacturers must prioritize knowledge management in order to withstand current industrial problems by bridging the skills gap and passing on critical information to the next generation. Learning to collect and exploit your workforce’s experience will not only help you survive this generational shift, but it will also help you enhance quality, decrease waste, and increase employee performance.

Digitize Standard Work Instructions

By digitizing standard work instructions, procedures and SOPs, they are made available to the entire organization. By doing so, you overcome the fact that best practices will not be lost when the “Silver Tsunami” strikes your company.

So the goal of the standard work instructions is to digitally bundle as much knowledge as possible while gaining flexibility on the other hand.

Knowledge and Experience in one Tool

For years, companies have utilized Azumuta to easily produce and exchange vital operational information. With our Knowledge Management Module, sharing has never been easier.

This is what you get when using an effective and intuitive knowledge management tool like Azumuta:

  • Capture your operators’ knowledge directly from your procedures and gather it in one central tool.
  • Access and share knowledge so you can use work instructions and procedures throughout your company.
  • Turn standard work instructions into easily accessible modules for your employees to train on.
The need for a solution like Azumuta came when we wanted to ensure knowledge transfer between 'anciens' and the younger generation. Many people who retired naturally took with them a wealth of knowledge and competencies. We could not let these go to waste, with Azumuta knowledge and experience could be transferred to the new generation of employees.
Alex Deleenheer
Process Engineer at Petersime
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