Top 10 manufacturing-focused podcasts you must follow in 2021

Top 10 manufacturing-focused podcasts you must follow in 2021

"Digitization" is a trend that has been known to SMEs and manufacturing companies for several years. Today, it is impossible to imagine our society and business community without it. By undergoing a complete digital transformation as a company you not only create more opportunities but also achieve more productivity improvements.

Digitalize your company

Although several advanced digital technologies are available today, many companies are still lagging behind when it comes to digitalization. The search can often be difficult since there are so many possibilities. Organizations don't know where to start first.

To support factories in this process, we rounded up our "top 10" manufacturing-focused podcasts on the most important industry 4.0 trends and the latest digital technologies. Want more industry 4.0 insight on your playlist? We have the full package summed up for you. Have fun listening!

Top 10 manufacturing podcasts

1. The Industry 4.0 Podcast | Listen

This interesting podcast explains the importance of digital transformation in manufacturing industries and its impact on how businesses produce their products. Each episode covers the latest trends and newest technology that makes today's business environment completely future proof. You will hear from business leaders, researchers, opinion leaders about key developments and their experience in the manufacturing industry.

The Industry 4.0 Podcast

2. Making Chips | Listen

Are you facing challenges transforming your company into a smart factory? This weekly podcast aims to elevate your manufacturing leadership and find solutions to your digital challenges. This 45 minute podcast is broken down into categories including leadership, processes, technology, growth, workforce, and community.

Making Chips podcast industry 4.0

3. Augmented | Listen

Do you want to learn more about the stories behind the new era of industrial operations and how technology will restore the agility of frontline workers? The Augmented podcast answers all your burning questions such as:

  • What’s next in the digital factory?
  • Who is leading the digital change?
  • How to stay up to date on manufacturing and industry 4.0?

Learn more about the contemporary topics of concern across the industry.

augmented podcast industry 4.0

4. Industrial evolution | Listen

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, but many industrial enterprises don’t know where to begin. Find out from the world's leading innovators how forward-thinking companies can use upcoming technologies like VR, drones, 3D printing to stay competitive. Stay on track because the future is here!

podcast industry 4.0 industrial evolution

5. Cognite Convos | Listen

We are on the threshold of some of the most profound, high-impact technological transformations our economies have experienced in decades. The Cognite Convos podcast talks to manufacturing leaders who are working at the forefront of industrial digitalization. Learn firsthand how digitization is transforming their industries and what impact they are already seeing - on operations, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

industry 4.0 podcast cognite convos

6. The Next Frontline | Listen

Get to know the digital -and operations leaders, investors and technologists from today who are building the future of manufacturing. With this podcast you get an advanced preview of what’s next for operational excellence, lean- and smart manufacturing, IoT, industry 4.0 and the talent and skills of Frontline Workers.

industry 4.0 podcast the next frontline

7. Lean Smarts Podcast | Listen

Interested in the essential lean concepts? The Lean Smarts Podcast explains all the key principles of lean manufacturing in simple language. If you want to become a lean thinker, this is the podcast for you! Listen now and further your lean education.

podcast lean management lean smarts podcast

8. Digital Transformation | Listen

The future of manufacturing is digital. This podcast explores the advantages of smart manufacturing, new technology in product development and the solutions it offers for the Industrial Machinery industry.

podcast digital transformation

9. Podcast 10 in 10 | Listen

If you have limited time, but are interested in power management technology then this is the ideal podcast for you. Listen to a lightning round of 10 questions answered in 10 minutes. Experts provide their perspective on key topics impacting the manufacturing industry.

industry 4.0 podcast

10. State of the Industry | Listen

Are you curious about the future of smart manufacturing and the industrial Internet of Things? State of the Industry features experts explore the impact of groundbreaking technologies, workforce- and talent issues, and global business trends. It’s your Guide to the Future of Smart Manufacturing.

podcast state of the industry smart factories

Azumuta leading the way in digitization

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