Work more effectively? Do the Gemba walk!

Work more effectively? Do the Gemba walk!

Efficiency is high on the agenda of many companies and probably yours too. There are all kinds of methods with which you can perform your work more efficiently. And one of those methods is the Gemba walk. A heum what?

The Gemba walk, indeed. A simple but effective way to work effectively is to perform the Gemba walk. You "go for a walk" with your operator. This keeps the operator in touch with the factory floor and can respond more quickly to problems.

Gemba on the go

The Japanese word Gemba means "real place" or loosely translated workplace. It is not unimportant that the Gemba is part of lean. And the lean culture is also important within an organization. But how do they interact with each other now?

There are several ways to success. Following up on lean and knowing the different forms of waste well is one of them. Learning some techniques around lean is a second. The shop floor is seen as the location where orders are received and where production takes place. In short: all process steps where activities are carried out to provide the customer with the right service.

The Gemba walk allows the operator to do a daily walk and ensure less waste or completely eliminate waste. Boosting productivity is a constant process. The approach to this is a different story. It is therefore very important that the operator experiences for himself what is happening on the factory floor. This is only possible through his daily presence. Such a Gemba walk usually takes no longer than fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Implement Azumuta

Factories are usually noisy places. Having a conversation while wearing hearing protectors or using earplugs means getting closer and that makes it difficult to maintain the famous social distance. In addition, lip reading becomes more difficult as each face is covered by a mouth mask. No time to spend 15 minutes a day on this? Not really?

There is a way. With Azumuta we provide work instructions that speak for themselves. We use for this: images, videos, directions or symbols to make your work instructions as clear as possible. That way you get rid of ambiguities, which will ultimately lead to an increase in production.

digitize work instructions with Azumuta software

What is also indispensable within Azumuta are the time registrations of orders. Gain insight into the actual costing of your production process. Find out how long it takes to make products. What do you spend a lot of time on? What can be done more efficiently? What wastes can we avoid because of this?

Consult audit reports and checklists to ensure that all orders have been executed correctly and efficiently.

Digitizing time records with Azumuta software

The three basic elements

As an operator you can contribute to an effective Gemba walk in various ways.

1. Prepare the Gemba Walk well

As an operator you can ask questions about topics such as:

  • What is the purpose of this action (function, work)?
  • When do you speak of a "successful working day"?
  • Why do you think this way of working is the right one?
  • How do malfunctions and waste occur?

2. Observe the workplace

Often managers are less aware of what is going on on the factory floor. It is important that they are always up-to-date. After all, this is the place where value is added for the customer. Therefore, observe all processes that take place and look at the possibilities within your factory.

Issues such as quality, safety, productivity and efficiency are the key points. And maybe the disruptions and wastes are noticeable here. Be sure to pass on striking matters to the manager so that they can immediately help improve processes.

3. Get involved: help people develop and support

In the Gemba philosophy, you as a manager are an important link within the factory. Supporting people is in your blood. You must be able to convey the involvement to the employees. In addition, stimulating team spirit is an important part. Stumbling blocks are often not immediately visible or measurable on the factory floor. By performing the Gemba walk, you get a better view of everything that is happening on the factory floor and you can make timely adjustments.

Choose the Gemba Walk

Does your company work according to the lean philosophy, but are the Gemba walks not yet applicable? Then training from Azumuta can help your factory further!

Azumuta offers several work instructions to detect or prevent waste. Start today with the Gemba Walk on your factory floor!