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Streamline and simplify your audit process, with digital checklists

No more wasting time with paper checklists. With Azumuta’s fully interactive checklists, you can set up, run and evaluate all major quality and risk management audits, including HSE audits, 5S audits, and LPAs.  


This way, companies can significantly increase the safety and efficiency of their auditing and certification process by optimized processes and maximum workflow transparency. 

Streamline and simplify your audit process, with digital checklists

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5S audit checklist config

Mobile audit checklists

Customize interactive audit checklists from scratch via drag-and-drop, and enhance them by adding images, videos, and widgets. No coding-skills required.

  • Simplify the creation of your digital checklist with our drag-and-drop option and choose from a variety of widget to enrich your checklists.

  • Include images and videos in your checklist and documentation to increase comprehension for your operators.

  • Use our flexible widget building kit to enrich your audit checklists. (scorecard, multiple choice, torque, ok/nok, …)

Audit planning

Schedule manually one-time audits or automate recurring audits with rule-based planning. 

  • Manually schedule one-time audits and recurring events or let them be triggered automatically if certain answers are being given with our rule engine.

  • Assign inspections to the corresponding operator so that they are performed on time and reliably.

  • Push notifications to operators for any 5S inspections, HSE or quality audits that need to be done.

Audit Planning
5S audit operator checklist

Mobile fill in of audit

Easily perform audits and inspections via the Azumuta app - no matter when and where you are.

  • Capture real-time data anytime, anywhere via our digital checklists using your mobile and tablet, reducing reporting friction on the factory floor.

  • Conduct inspections and audits via smartphone or tablet on-and offline.

  • Add text comments or photos during an inspection to make the issue clear.

Report & Remedy non-conformities

Uncover more issues and turn them into follow-up actions instantly.

  • Manually submit issues and non-conformities that occur on the shop floor with text comments, photos and videos.

  • Streamline the root cause process with Kanban, Kaizen, 8D boards...

  • Assign corrective actions to operators and track the troubleshooting status in real-time.

Live monitoring

Easily monitor individual audit statuses and statistics.

  • Receive live audit statuses and information through real-time operator data entry via the digital checklists.

  • Live monitor audit statuses and get a grip hold of all your manufacturing processes remotely.

  • Receive an instant alert in Azumuta when a non-conformity occurs during an inspection or operator activity.

Analysis & Reports

Analyze faster and more accurately with real-time audit data.

  • Custom-tailored and automatically generated audit and inspection reports save you all the follow-up work.

  • With a high-speed search engine, advanced filter options you have audit history at your fingertips. Receive data-based insights that are actionable.

  • Get detailed reports and comprehensive analysis with a single source of truth and centralize your compliance process.

Audit dashboards & analytics

Get all audit results and trends at a glance with visual no-code manufacturing dashboards that show the improvements from audit finding resolutions.

  • Share your generated audit reports automatically or manually with all stakeholders. Reports can be exported as PDF, CSV, Excel or Word files.

  • Create no-code dashboards and give operators, engineers, and supervisors a view into your audit performance data. You don’t have to be a data scientist to produce great data visualizations.

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