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Streamline and digitize your product quality inspections, with digital checklists

Move beyond paper-based quality control methods and manual processes. Automate your product quality inspections with digital checklists. From incoming inspections to final product checks, Azumuta makes it easy to get real-time product quality insights, with data capture and analysis on your mobile device.


Put the power of Azumuta's digital checklists to work for your business and improve product quality while reducing inspection times.


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Product traceability checklist

Create product work instructions

Ensure that your quality control teams have the right information at their fingertips with easy-to-use checklists.

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy with explanatory and visual work instructions to guide operatives through quality control processes

  • Update product work instructions in real time to give teams the latest information on products and changes

  • Configure based on product, process, or team to create specialized checklists

Add & configure checks

Add as many quality control checks as you need to your digital checklists and configure them to your specific needs.

  • Predefine check types for incoming inspections, final product checks, or other quality control processes (Number, OK/NOK, pictures, etc.)

  • Automate your workflow - based on a given response, the operator will immediately move to the next activity

  • Configure checks for 100% product traceability

Product check configuration

Create product orders

Group products together by order to get an overview of all quality control activities for a particular order.

  • Manual or automatically create product orders via ERP to fine-tune your quality control process

  • Easily find and select products with the order number, product name, or photo

  • Quickly and easily see corresponding variants and order quantities

Operator-selected product orders

Allow operators to select and work on product orders via their (mobile) devices.

  • Effortless order scanning using barcode or select from the list in Azumuta

  • Optimize routing to ensure that the right products are being checked by the right operator in the correct order

  • Product order selection released on schedule allows for flexible and efficient quality control processes

Product order operator view

Operator fills in product traceability report

With all the relevant information in one place, operators can fill in quality control reports quickly and easily.

  • With just a few clicks on your mobile or digital device, you can generate detailed reports

  • Create tickets automatically in the case of non-conformities and quality issues and get a clear overview of all current issues

  • Efficiently record quality findings and measured values and gain full traceability of given answers & timestamps

Live monitoring of product quality

Get real-time insights into the status of your product quality with live monitoring on your mobile or desktop.

  • Receive live product order statuses and information through real-time operator data entry via digital checklists

  • Achieve high-level oversight of product orders and retain control over your manufacturing processes all from one location

  • Upgrade your productivity with Azumuta by learning about product inspection non-conformities as they happen

Quality board

Quality issues follow up

In the event of quality issues, follow up is quick and easy with Azumuta.

  • Instant notifications of quality issues let you take action quickly - don't leave it to chance that someone will remember to follow up

  • Get a clear overview and easily follow up on current issues using Kanban boards

  • Resolve issues quickly by communicating directly with the assigned operator in the app

Product Traceability report

A product traceability report gives you the full history of a product, from its creation to when it leaves your facility.

  • With fully customizable and auto-generated product traceability reports, you can kiss those arduous follow-ups goodbye. Not to mention, our report templates are easily exportable

  • With our high-speed search engine and advanced filter options, you can easily access product history. You'll also receive data-based insights that are actionable so you can make informed decisions

  • Put a single source of truth in place for your product traceability data to ensure quality and compliance

Product Orders dashboard

Analysis & Reporting

Get important insights into your quality control process with our comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities.

  • With just a few clicks, share your generated audit reports automatically or manually with anyone you choose. Reports can be exported as PDF, CSV, Excel or Word files

  • Easily analyse length of time spent on each product, number of quality issues per product, which products have the most/least number of checks, and more

  • Get detailed reports and comprehensive analysis with our user-friendly dashboards that provide valuable insights into your quality control process.

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