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Issue Tracking
Improvement boards for problem tracking
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Visualize the open issues by putting them on a dashboard. Get insights about problems, audits, to-do issues, arranged by operator, manager, software team.
And decide for yourself which statistics you want to obtain.
Plan Do Check Act
Follow up your issues by using a tried and trusted method like PDCA or Kanban.
Plan (make a plan with the results you want to achieve), Do (execute the plan), Check (compare the results with what you wanted to achieve), Act (in case of deviation: take measures / adjust to still get the results to achieve).
Automatic workflow
Define the default workflow of your issues, to notify the responsible teams immediately. Indicate which department, which problem and which solution is used.
Indicate yourself which information is important. High impact, high cost, which deadline? Every detail can be determined.
Track improvement
Keep track of the open issues, the improvement rate, the amount of new problems. Each team can indicate different issues.
And specify under which product, workstation or department the problem occurs. Everything is connected.
Capture from anywhere
Use your mobile phone, a tablet, a computer to capture issues from anywhere.
To see more options of issue tracking, schedule a demo meeting
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