Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & defense

For those that are in the aviation, space and defense, you're tasked with the production of products which are subject to rigorous safety and performance standards. While you may have a tried and true method, there's no better way to optimize your next airplane or spacecraft production than with the integration of digital solutions. These will help not only with optimizations – but also will help to keep you ahead of the regulations that come up.

  • Holistic Audit Trail and accessibility

    A complete historical track record that can easily be recalled for whatever purpose. Whether it's to look for a way for improvement or to help provide an accurate audit trail, a digitized solution helps provide that and comply with ISO 9100 regulations.

  • Digital Work Instructions

    Have access to the entire company's knowledge and library. Be able to access best practices and SOPs specific to your industry and needs, and be able to add improvements and updates as necessary.

  • Integrated and scalable platforms

    Our quality management system helps to integrate with existing systems, so a complete systemic revamp isn't necessary. It only helps with connectivity and IoT with all related databases, machinery, and sensors.

  • Real-time data and analytics

    With all that tracking and monitoring, be able to create real-time metrics and analytics. No need for complex coding, as critical, readymade dashboards and reports are accessible and actionable.

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ISO9100 Compliance

Our system helps to be able to build out the right type of systemic approach to your pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturing needs. It will help to sync up the facilities and manufacturing equipment and ensure proper calibration. At the same time, it helps with easy access to staff training. Finally, it helps to digitally implement the right procedure and material management and composition to keep all the batches uniform

Data Integrity

Help your manufacturing process follow ALCOA+ principles once you integrate our quality management system. You'll be able to follow all the necessities of digitizing records and make them attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original, and accurate. At the + of ALCOA and also get ahead of the compliance game with complete, consistent, enduring, and easy-to-access data points, wherever you may be on the floor

High Quality production

Get both compliant and optimized with digital product traceability. These help to track each product that is manufactured throughout the entire manufacturing and production creation process. The information is there to adhere to compliance, but it also helps with identifying room for improvement and wherever the pain points may show up. In addition, Electronic product traceability will help with the data reporting and analytics to provide actionable information, as all data points are captured here. 

Product traceability via Electronic Quality Checklists

See the power of our system by having a rich data integrity system built in. Track every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the Bill of Material (BOM) that go into an airplane or spacecraft to the cleaning checklist after a production round. Maintain a consistent production scheme so that every product that goes out is identical to the previous product and the next product in the queue.

Having Electronic Product Traceability  helps not only comply with ISO9100 but will do wonders for your overall processes.

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Electronic Signatures

Collect electronic signatures from key staff to keep the process moving without the need to have everyone on site to continue the batch production.

Spot Production Bottlenecks

Since EBRs captures the entire batch process on a digital level, it is easy to spot any type of bottlenecks that may come up and can be easily remedied while at the same time producing one of the best digital audit trails possible.

Easily Auditable

Beyond compliance and efficiency comes enhanced security as electronic batch records are easily auditable, which helps in case something may not go the best way and helps to keep a consistent batch production to happen. 

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Product specific instructions

With greater customization comes the need for detailed instructions. Yet it’s nearly impossible to ensure that paperwork instructions are accurate for the ever-growing number of combinations. Digital work instructions can tackle this challenge by showing product variant specific instructions faster.

Visual Aids and Images

By using visuals, businesses can ensure that the DWIs are accessible for employees with different learning styles. Each step in a procedure can be accompanied by visuals that accurately display the tasks and actions required.

Up-To-Date Information

With DWIs, you never have to worry about outdated information. The ability to update digital instructions in real-time ensures that no process is at risk. This can bring greater clarity and certainty to an ever-complex workflow – and new updates can be sent out immediately as changes are made. 

Guide operators with digital Work instructions

Get your factory smart and operate at Industry 4.0 levels. Digital work instructions help develop a single truth source for the entire production batch cycle. Besides increased efficiencies due to reduced paper-based processes and quality due to clear instructions to employees, it also helps those same employees get upskilled to help improve engagement and overall output.

A Clear Approach to Capa & Nonconformances

Root out the problem when issues arise and create compliant CAPA workflows. Stay ahead of the auditors by finding out these issues before they become serious problems while at the same time developing a clear routing path that escalates to the right levels of management.

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Visibility across your organization

Work to track and trace any problems to see if they're a one-off issue or part of a larger defect and eliminate it at the source.

Collaborate on corrective actions

Issues may be noted quickly and allocated to the appropriate persons thanks to the integrated picture documentation. This always guarantees that the proper system is investigated.

Automated routing and escalation process

Avoid any lag in resolution and have tasks and notifications routed automatically to the critical decision-making party members and notify all team members.

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Plan, schedule, review

Incorporate a maintenance schedule and checklist to ensure machinery is always checked as per regulations and track all these through a log report.

Non-conformance notification

Easily track & receive notifications of completed, in-progress or overdue audits, along with approvals and rejections.

Scoring & Dashboards

Be able to track everything in real-time through executive-style dashboards and reports. Leverage advanced formulas to deliver complex calculations and an automatic scoring that will be displayed in the reports.

Audit Inspection Checklists

Audits can happen to the best in the industry and tend to be routine. So get ahead by having a completely digital checklist that tracks the necessary daily tasks that need to be completed to ensure a clean and safe manufacturing factory. At the same time, build internal audits consistently that would follow what an external audit would look like, with fully customizable checklists that can be assigned to specific teams and coworkers.

Industrial Shop Floor Connectivity

The majority of manufacturers' biggest challenge on the shop floor is visibility into operational technology data from machines, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for performing root cause analysis (RCA) when a line or machine fails, increasing throughput without sacrificing quality, and understanding micro-stoppages of machinery in real time. With Azumuta we capture every piece of production data for further analysis.

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Monitor Production Quality

Incorporate a maintenance schedule and checklist to ensure machinery is always checked as per regulations and track all these through a log report.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Perform root cause analysis (RCA) when a line or a machine goes down, improve throughput without sacrificing quality, and comprehend micro-stoppages of machinery in real time.

Scoring & Dashboards

Be able to track everything in real-time through executive-style dashboards and reports. Leverage advanced formulas to deliver complex calculations and an automatic scoring that will be displayed in the reports.

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Mobile Learning

Your employees can complete training on the go and adjust their learning schedules while you track their progress.

Competency Matrix

Track performance and get an overview of the skills and competencies of your learners.

Training report​

Supervisors can view progress and completion based on each individual learner. Get an overview of the data you need via extensive reports.

Track experience with our compentency matrix

Give your manufacturing business the ability to build out a competency matrix. This will give you a complete overview of your manufacturing skill set based on the current employees and where improvements can be made. Then you'll be able to upskill those employees with on-the-job training to improve retention rates and employee satisfaction. All the while updating the competency matrix until it's well-rounded and robust.

Data integrity: 21cfr part 11 compliant

Have the ability to pass any and every audit with a complete historical track record, as well as every update and electronic signature easily able to be verified, tracked, and traced. When you work with our platform, you'll see how fast you can get yourself 21 CFR part 11 compliant, follow ALCOA+ principles, and get yourself operating under cGMP rules and regulations.

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Audit Trails

Data integrity arrangements ensure that the accuracy, completeness, content and meaning of data is retained throughout the data lifecycle. 

Soc 2 compliant

Our SOC 2 certificate shows proof of trust and assurance to your production data by having implemented appropriate measures for security, confidentiality, privacy, availability, and integrity of customers' data.

Data integrity

Alcoa principle

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations

Azumuta is the most complete software tool that eliminates the use of paperwork in your factory. From digital work instructions to frontline communication, data analysis, and IoT connection. It all starts here.

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