• Easy issue capturing
  • Easy followup
  • Track issue reports

“Couple your issue tracker directly to instructions / workposts / etc.

Set up an automatic workflow to track issues and related tasks & signatures.

We improve 300% faster than before!”

Solid quality issue handling

Easy issue creation, easy follow up, task assignment and workinstruction coupling help you score a A+ on your ISO 9001 certification!

Easy issue capturing

Azumuta allows your internal and external customers to easily create an issue report. No special programs are required, just a browser suffices. You can even create a special private link so the customer does not have to have a login on your system.

Easy follow up

Once the issue report is made it can be tracked, assigned, commented on, linked to certain work instructions and more. At any time you can give your customer the current status of the issue. You can also choose to share a private link so that the customer can follow up in real-time.

A nice kanban board provides a nice overview of all the ongoing issues. No issue will ever be lost.

Track the history of an issue report

To improve your company it’s important to be able to analyse your process objectively. The automatic logging system helps track all changes on a each quality issue. This way it’s a lot easier to report to clients. And it’s a huge help during audits.