Webinar4 June 2021

How to create and preserve digital work instructions in your factory

How to create and preserve digital work instructions in your factory
4 June 2021
10u00 - 11u00

All work instructions, procedures and visual support that operators need are centralised with Azumuta in one place. Clear and fast, for the whole production team.

Update your knowledge and learn more about digital work instructions, audits and the other features offered by Azumuta. Our free webinars and events cover all these topics and more.

At Azumuta, we offer improvement within manufacturing companies by providing digital operator support. Azumuta is a fully integrated platform that covers the knowledge, training and communication needs of your factory.

If you want to know more about the practical applications of Azumuta or our fields of expertise? Our team will be happy to explain it to you.

The webinars can be followed from home, live or afterwards.

In this webinar

Our CEO Batist will explain:

  • how you can introduce sustainable work instructions on your production floor;
  • how your operators can work more independently with the help of our software;
  • the advantages of digital work instructions and how they can improve your business.

Over de spreker

Batist Leman

Co-founder & CEO

Innovation and digitalization are high on the agenda of many companies. For businesses, the transition to more automation is not always easy. Organisations find it a challenge to determine in which applications they should invest with a view to a good return and easy implementation. Our CEO - Batist Leman will be happy to take you through the process of digitalization on the production floor.


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