What’s New in Azumuta’s Software 

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Your experience as a user is very highly valued at Azumuta. So last week we worked on a series of improvements.

With our simplified interface, you no longer have to search for the right buttons, but can immediately see what you want to do. Everything is in a logical place and you simply navigate to the next step.

A new interface that makes it very easy for you as a user! Get to see only what you need and use.

The guides at your fingertips

First of all we see a change to the user guides. When starting Azumuta you can immediately take a look at these. So in the new interface we put more focus on our manual and blog posts. New or looking for more info? Find several tips and answers to all your questions!

new blog & guides

Improvement in collection overview

The design of the new interface is fully geared to allow you, the user, to navigate through the modules quickly and efficiently.

A number of items have changed location. The collections section, which in the old interface was located in the left sidebar, is now positioned horizontally at the top under the magnifying glass. With the exception of resources – these can now be found under management. (Provided they have the right permissions)

Are now shown by default when opening the search window:

Previous surroundings

oude omgeving

Renewed Environment

vernieuwde omgeving



Adding tools and symbols

And there is more! From now on you can easily add symbols and tools within the work instructions module You no longer have to navigate to resources to create them first, before being able to select them in a work instruction.

You have the possibility to:

  • Add an image
  • Add an attachment
  • Tag an image (e.g. safety, quality)

Everything you need to know about tools and symbols can be found in our User Guides.

symbolen in azumuta

Flexibility in your main menu: depending on what your operator wants

Hopelessly searching for your most important work instructions is now officially over. With the new interface, operators only get an overview of what they pin to their home screen.

From now on, they simply have all instructions in their pockets. Open the mobile app and:

  • View the work instructions of your pinned workstation
  • Browse through the lists of products
  • Explore the factory

What's New in Azumuta's Software 


Wondering what all this looks like? Take a look for yourself!

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