Make your own Mouth Mask with Digital Instructions

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Do you have time to spare now that you can’t go to work? Roll up your sleeves and make your own mouth masks! To win the battle against #COVID19BE, many people still need mouth masks. We won’t let our caregivers suffocate.

We are doing it for them. Handmade. With love. ❤️

Digital Work Instruction

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Do not use this mouth mask to get close to an infected person or to care for an infected person. Above all, try to avoid infecting others!

This mask has a fabric washable outer layer so it can be reused. The focus of the design is on safety:

  • a tight fit
  • the ability to use filter materials of varying thickness and density

The mask works like a mini pillowcase: at the bottom is an opening with a cover, just like most pillowcases. A replaceable filter can be inserted into this opening, which is then held in place by the cover. This ensures that the filter stays neatly in place while being worn.

The ribbons are long enough so that the mask can be easily tied and unbuttoned. The mask can therefore be removed with the hands at a safe distance from the head.

This model is based on a design by Dr. Chen Xiaoting, a Taiwanese anesthesiologist.

Instructions for Use

  • Wash your hands before touching the mask.

  • Take extreme care when putting on and taking off, as well as when storing the mask.

  • Do not touch the inside of the mask; you will recognize the inside by its color.

  • Preferably use the ends of the ribbons to manipulate the mask so that your hands stay far from your face.

  • If necessary, place goggles over the top edge of the mask so that it fits snugly over the bridge of the nose.

  • Do not wear the mask longer than necessary.

  • If the mask or filter is wet: replace.

  • Immediately after use, store the mask in a locked bag or container, do not let it dangle around your neck.

  • Sterilize the mouth mask as often as possible (at least once a day) by washing it at 90°C.

Section of Mask

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The pattern is rectangular and can be handled without difficulty even by beginner sewers. Folding the pleats requires some dexterity.

Pattern printing/Available sizes

The pattern does include the seam allowance and sizes large, small and child.

Print the pattern on A4 size. For the large and small version you cut out the frames, puzzle the numbers together and glue the parts together.

Always print at full size and without scaling! Use the test box to check whether the pdf was printed correctly.


Take sufficient hygienic measures.
Wash your hands.
Try to make your sewing machine as sterile as possible.
Then wash your hands again before continuing to work on it.
Wear a mouth mask while making.

Stay Safe, Stay Creative!

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