How to Write Effective SOPs & Work Instructions: Free Template

There are many challenges in writing effective work instructions. The best way to solve these problems is by taking a step-by-step approach that will help you create well-written work instructions faster and easier than ever before.

We’ve made 2 types of effective work instruction templates for manufacturers. Download your free templates and start writing better instructions!

  • A ready-to-use work instruction template (PDF and Excel).
  • A digital Azumuta manual guide to create visual work instructions & SOP’s for your colleagues. (digital tool)

Learn how to write detailed, sequential work instructions to improve your company’s efficiency and communication.

Our SOP & work instruction templates include: Excel, PDF and a digital Azumuta version of work instructions for you to explore.

Make sure to check out our blog post for additional tips, tricks, and hacks for making effective digital work instructions.


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Give front-line workers the assurance they need to complete the tasks necessary to keep operations running smoothly. With Azumuta you can easily create visual and interactive standard work instructions.

  • Enjoy 100% traceability with real-time data and save time
  • Easily capture procedures and standard work instructions with videos and photos
  • Continuously improve your procedures and report problems during the production process in an easily accessible way

Empower your team with the leading standard work instruction tool for manufacturers.

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Ready to become a paperless company?