The Platform For The Connected Worker

Azumuta helps you increase operational efficiency, product compliance, quality control, and operator agility—all from a single platform.

Azumuta revolves around operators. We believe that true innovation means empowering the skilled hands and minds on the manufacturing floor. By integrating operators into the digital ecosystem, we are bridging the gap between traditional practices and digital efficiency.

Our cutting-edge platform has an exponential impact on operator retention, onboarding training time, compliance, quality, and safety.

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A collaborative approach

Operators & Managers Joining Forces

Our platform transforms operators from task executors into pivotal players in decision-making and innovation, ensuring that every layer of your manufacturing process is equipped for the digital era.

As the industry faces increasing regulatory demands, skill shortages, and complex product challenges, Azumuta emerges as a strategic necessity for competing in a highly demanding environment. We enable operators and managers to join forces and take control of the entire production process through comprehensive and innovative solutions.


Facing a Complex Industry

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Talent Shortage

Addressing the scarcity of skilled labor through innovative recruitment and training strategies.

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Reactive Quality Assurance

Implementing proactive measures to detect and prevent defects before they occur.

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Increasing Compliance Regulations

Staying ahead by adapting processes to evolving regulatory standards.

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Access to Work Instructions

Streamlining access to essential instructions through digital work instruction platform.

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Tribal Knowledge

Capturing and codifying experiential insights to mitigate reliance on individual expertise.

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Automation Integration

Leveraging automation technologies to optimize efficiency and streamline production workflows.

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Where Azumuta Comes In

Operational Efficiency

Azumuta helps factories produce high-quality products at scale with as few resources as possible. It does so by enabling in-line quality control, independent onboarding and training, and a continuous improvement approach.

Improve Safety

Azumuta facilitates safety control and preventive measures at all times, especially in times of rapid changes. By providing materials, safety symbols, e-signs, and clear instructions you can prevent safety hazards before they happen and minimize them.

Workforce Agility - NPS

Azumuta provides a module designed for managing quality, safety, and maintenance audits. With the aid of digital audit checklists and automation, managers can effortlessly organize, plan, and monitor various tasks, ensuring compliance with necessary requirements.


By digitizing the shop floor, factories reduce their use of paper significantly. Next to this immediate change, Azumuta increases operational efficiency, optimizing the overall use of resources in the factory.

Reduce Onboarding and Training Time

By using interactive work instructions and training material and leveraging videos, images, 3D models, etc. Azumuta promotes independent learning and smooth onboarding. Plus, with its Skills Matrix & Training module, it allows managers to oversee growth opportunities and talent gaps.


With Azumuta you can automate tasks related to audits and compliance and enable easy updates to audit protocols to match regulatory changes.Digital checklists can also be used to monitor compliance requirements and automatically organize and plan audits.

Quality & FTR Score

With in-line quality assurance and enabling the collection of feedback directly from the shop floor, Azumuta’s clients have seen a great impact on quality and FTR score. Traceability, alert, and notifications enable workers to flag quality issues while happening vs. after production.

Operations Retention

Azumuta empowers operators to become active players in the development of the company. By enabling shop floor feedback and facilitating independent learning opportunities in a digital and interactive format, workers become more engaged. NPS scores significantly improve after Azumuta’s implementation.

Why Azumuta

All-Encompassing Shop Floor Solutions

Proven Technology

+70 companies already trust Azumuta to manage their manufacturing operations.

Of-the-shelf Solution

Azumuta’s fast implementation is possible thanks to our easy-to-use interface and customizable modules.

Short Time to Value

Our customers achieve tangible results swiftly after implementation.


Easily scalable and replicable to different business operations and sites.

Open Ecosystem

Connect and integrate with your ERP and other platforms through our extensive API.

Unified Overview

Visualize your entire production process on a single platform and take control of your operations.

Everything You Need On The Shop Floor

Digitize your shop floor activities through a central platform, rooted in advanced technology and a profound expertise of the industry. Forget clumsy and time-consuming editing of Word documents, Excel files, and other paper documents. Ditch sloppy and cluttered file binders. Transfer essential information directly to the shop floor. Let your workforce access necessary documents on the spot and capture data in real time.

Digital Work Instructions

Streamline safety, maintenance, compliance, and quality audits by simplifying planning and checklist creation for various inspections and maintenance tasks. You can gain real-time shop floor insights and effortlessly share automated reports.

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Quality Management

Our quality management module optimizes quality compliance by tracking the entire production process and visualizing real-time quality issues. It also handles audits, checklists, issue ticketing, and generates comprehensive management reports.

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A quality issue report interface is displayed, showing a user's profile picture, report number #198, and follow-up status (Done, Check, Declined). The detailed report indicates an issue with a washing machine motor. Options to add or take pictures are also available.

Skill-Matrix & Training

Foster frontline workforce development using our Skill Matrix and Training module. Track training progress and competencies, identify growth opportunities and strengths, and organize clear learning paths for your team’s development.

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A digital skill matrix interface displays a list of workers and their skill levels in various tasks such as Cleaning, Assembly, Pre-Assembly, Packaging, and Testing. One skill status shows

Audits & Digital Checklists

Easily manage all visual work instructions, training documents, and technical resources in one centralized platform. This ensures streamlined creation and standardization for operational efficiency.

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