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Azumuta is a SaaS Software that helps Manufacturing Companies eliminate paperwork and digitize shop floor operations.
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Batist Leman, CEO of Azumuta

About Azumuta

From the captivating city of Ghent, in Belgium, the Azumuta team created the leading platform for connected workers. Through a comprehensive software, tailored to the manufacturing industry, Azumuta delivers solutions to factories around the world. The platform enables digitalization, boosts operational efficiency, facilitates compliance, and helps managing quality and safety.

In a highly competitive landscape of constant innovation, Azumuta empowers operators to become the driving force behind digital transformation, closing the gap between traditional practices and digital efficiency. Thanks to this approach, the platform has an exponential impact on workforce agility, operator retention, and onboarding training time.

The origin of the word “Azumuta” is unclear, some think its origin lies in the Japanese word (始めた) for “I started” and resembles several values: An action, a fresh beginning, a personal commitment and responsibility, self assurance, and hope. Others think it comes from the Flemish word (Azo moeta, zo moet dat / aha, zo moet dat).

Batist Leman, CEO at Azumuta

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What we stand for

Our Mission

Azumuta is empowering operators, the heartbeat of manufacturing, by transforming them into connected workers. Our mission is to redefine the manufacturing landscape by enhancing operational efficiency, agile workforce, safety, and compliance, while enabling fast-paced innovation.

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What we see

Our Vision

Our vision is to see operators elevated from the shop floor to become the cornerstone of digital revolution, driving efficiency, innovation, and excellence through their insights and engagement. Azumuta aims to foster a culture of continuous improvement, where operational efficiency,  global competitiveness, and easy adoption of new products and processes —are within reach of every manufacturer.


Meet our management team

We're highly passionate, enthusiastic, and unique people that align in the mission of making the world more productive.
Batist Leman, CEO of Azumuta
Co-founder & CEO
Batist Leman
Nabila Bou-Sfia, CFO of Azumuta
CFO (Director FaaS @ Moore)
Nabila Bou-Sfia
Brecht Plasschaert, CRO of Azumuta
Brecht Plasschaert
Simon Vanneste, Lead Developer of Azumuta
Lead Developer
Simon Vanneste
Claudia Martinez, Head of Marketing, Azumuta
Senior Marketing Manager
Claudia Martinez
Rob Markevics, Executive Advisor of Azumuta
Executive Advisor
Rob Markevics
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