Sync Your Torque Wrench with Digital Work Instructions

Digital Torque Wrench

Bring unparalleled clarity and precision to the shop floor by employing digital work instructions alongside your digital torque wrench. Say goodbye to errors by integrating your digital torque wrench with digital work instructions.
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Quality Increase
Productivity Increase
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Enhanced Manufacturing Oversight

Real-time torque monitoring provides comprehensive insight into your manufacturing process by delivering live data from your digital torque wrenches directly to your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Streamlined Quality Control

Seamlessly integrate digital torque wrench data to monitor and maintain the quality compliance of your products, all conveniently accessible from your desk, optimizing quality control processes.

Data-Driven Efficiency

Leverage real-time torque monitoring data to optimize production efficiency and identify opportunities for process improvement, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient manufacturing operation.

Visual Instruction Advantage

Visual work instructions leverage images and schematics, enabling faster and more accurate comprehension compared to text-heavy instructions.

User-Friendly Workflows

Digital work instructions prioritize an intuitive approach, reducing complexity and making tasks more accessible to a wider range of users.

Seamless Integration

Harness the power of Azumuta with Digital Torque Wrenches to capture real-time data as tightening operations unfold. Our solution seamlessly integrates with a wide array of tools available in the market, including industry leaders like Atlas Copco, Stanley, Bosch, Desoutter, Acradyne, Ingersoll, Gelco, and various others, thanks to its adaptable services and APIs.

Enhanced Compliance and Certification

Leverage the stored torque data to bolster your compliance and certification procedures, simplifying the process of ensuring your operations consistently meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Precision Error Detection

High precision sensors in digital torque wrenches detect torquing mistakes with unparalleled accuracy, reducing the risk of errors in your assembly processes.

Audio-Visual Feedback

Many digital torque wrenches provide immediate audio-visual feedback notifications to ensure users apply the correct torque value, enhancing accuracy and reducing human error.

Remote Error Notifications

When integrated with a digital work instructions platform, receive real-time error notifications, even if you’re not on the shop floor, allowing for prompt intervention and quality control from anywhere.

Enhanced Clarity Through Visual Elements

Elevate your work instructions with images and videos to provide crystal-clear guidance, reducing errors and enhancing user understanding.

Accessible Work Instruction Creation

Create professional-grade digital work instructions effortlessly with our drag-and-drop interface, no coding or graphic design skills required. Empower your entire team to collaborate and boost efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Operations

Transitioning to digital work instructions eliminates the need for paper and ink, contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment while also reducing costs.

Enhanced Accessibility and Mobility

Digital work instructions offer increased accessibility and mobility, allowing workers to access the information they need from any location or device, streamlining workflows and improving productivity.


A computer screen displays a software interface from the Azumuta platform titled
A computer screen displays a software interface from the Azumuta platform titled
A computer screen displays a software interface from the Azumuta platform titled
A computer screen displays a software interface from the Azumuta platform titled
A computer screen displays a software interface from the Azumuta platform titled
A computer screen displays a software interface from the Azumuta platform titled
A woman in a black polo shirt and gloves is working at a workstation. She is holding a rectangular object and inspecting it. Behind her, there is a computer monitor displaying some images, and various equipment and materials are visible in the background.

What else can we help you solve?

Operational efficiency

Azumuta eliminates paperwork and streamlines tasks on the factory floor, boosting productivity. Digital work instructions ensure consistent processes, while real-time issue tracking minimizes downtime. This improves overall production efficiency, reduces waste, and allows for better resource allocation.
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Workforce agility - NPS

Azumuta doesn't directly collect NPS data, but improved communication and collaboration between workers, supervisors, and managers can foster a more agile and responsive workforce. By streamlining workflows and empowering employees, Azumuta can indirectly contribute to increased employee satisfaction.
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Reduce onboarding training time

Azumuta replaces traditional methods with clear, step-by-step digital work instructions. This ensures consistent training for new hires, reducing onboarding time and getting them productive faster. They can access information and updates easily, minimizing errors and improving overall production quality.
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Quality - Improve first-time-right score

Azumuta integrates quality control measures directly into the platform. Digital checklists and real-time data tracking allow for early detection and resolution of issues. This minimizes defects, improves the first-time-right production rate, and reduces the need for rework, leading to higher quality output and customer satisfaction.
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