The Connected Worker Platform

Azumuta empowers frontline workers to improve operational efficiency and quality on the shop floor. It tackles the challenges of regulatory compliance, and enables workforce agility—all from a single platform.

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Join more than 125.000 operators from companies worldwide

A fully integrated platform for shop
floor digitization

Everything you need to digitize your shop floor activities, all in one platform. Create and access digital work instructions, implement integrated quality management, plan and execute audits, track issues, foster training and follow up on competency matrices.

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Go Paperless

Digitize your shop floor activities through a central platform, rooted in advanced technology and a profound expertise of the industry. Forget clumsy and time-consuming editing of Word documents, Excel files, and other paper documents. Ditch sloppy and cluttered file binders. Transfer essential information directly to the shop floor. Let your workforce access necessary documents on the spot and capture data in real-time.


Quality increase

Improve the quality of your output and gain the insights with real-time data.


Productivity increase

Achieve higher productivity, as early as three months.


Less papers

Create a paperless culture. Unlock paperless processes of ​​all manufacturing activity

Collect data & Enable insights

Gain insight of your shop floor activities through real-time data. Monitor your product orders, audit reports, training status and way more through our centralized platform. Easily capture real-time data, build your own interactive dashboards and share you insights within your organization in just a few clicks.

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Centralize all Production Data

Integrate all of your shop floor data into customized dashboards and graphs, identify KPIs with data visualization, and uncover important AI-driven insights that will boost productivity on the shop floor.

Don’t just take our word for it

The backbone of your operational ecosystem

Data integration isn’t just a periodic extraction and injection of data. It’s a real-time, constant and bidirectional process. Our open, interoperable architecture allows companies to integrate existing third-party soft- and hardware into Azumuta, and extend existing sources of truth.

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you can do with Azumuta


With our IoT Connectivity you can collect data via different Collector Protocols like OPC UA, MQTT and Rest API.

Statistical process control ​

Set-up statistically acceptable tolerance range based on historical production data.

Empower every user​

Upgrade your daily operations into an insight-driven company. Build a culture of continuous improvement across your operations.

Cross-functional data analytics​

Use cross-functional data analytics to combine information from several data sources to provide a high-level view of the end-to-end manufacturing activities.

Production data​

Easily visualize production order status, defect rates, machine data, manufacturing targets, and more.

Expression & rule engine​

Streamline routine tasks with customizable rules. Workflow rules & tasks automatically take place in the background.

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations