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Digital Work Instructions

Now it’s easy to create visual work instructions, training documents, and technical writing resources. Manage them all in one place! Centralize and standardize your documentation with Azumuta.

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Create Manufacturing Work Instructions

Create step-by-step instructions about each manufacturing process using visual and interactive elements like videos, graphics, and 3D images. Provide all the elements your operators need for that process.
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Capture Data Directly from the Shop Floor

Enable your operators to capture critical information obtained during manufacturing processes and add it directly into Azumuta.
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A computer screen displaying an Electronic Batch record interface from Azumuta. It shows multiple document versions with details such as the author, date, and time. The interface includes comparison tools and revision history options on the right. The menu is on the left side.

Set Approval Workflows

Create and manage approval workflows to ensure that whenever a work instruction is updated, that change gets approved by the right team people through e-signatures.
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Connect Teams and Peripherals

Ensure all the shop floor data is integrated across teams and devices and visible in dashboards and other apps. Enable your operators and supervisors to share real-time shop floor updates.
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Create Variants for All the Versions of Your Product

Provide operators with customized step-by-step guidance, streamlining complex assembly tasks and ensuring precision in producing a wide range of customized products.
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Transform Your Work Instructions into Training Material

Turn your work instructions into online technical training to onboard new employees or cross-train and retrain your workforce.
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Don’t just take our word for it!

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The ability to adapt quickly to changes in work instructions has given us a competitive advantage, while the fully automated distribution of work instructions has decreased complexity and reduced errors on the shop floor. Azumuta has revolutionized our work instruction management process and made our operations more agile.

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Koen Catteeu
Operations Manager
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The ability to adapt quickly to changes in work instructions has given us a competitive advantage, while the fully automated distribution of work instructions has decreased complexity and reduced errors on the shop floor. Azumuta has revolutionized our work instruction management process and made our operations more agile.

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Joris Cuvelier
Quality Assurance Coordinator
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Previously, as an organization, we relied heavily on the discipline of the operators to fill in the necessary production reports. With Azumuta, we can send the necessary reminders to the operators if necessary. Moreover, we can monitor in real time whether they have actually filled in the production reports at the scheduled time.

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Jurgen Kuppens
Production Coordinator
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Many More Features

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Standardized Work Instructions

Offer a robust and standardized space for all the work documentation. No more clumsy editing of Word documents, Excel, or Sharepoint.
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Operator and Admin Interface

Offer unique views for the different production teams. Keep control of who can view and who can create processes and procedures.
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Iso Requirements

Improve quality standards and meet ISO requirements by implementing procedures & standards, online training, and better communication.
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QR codes

Let operators scan QR codes to access instructions and procedures on their workstation.​
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Support different languages in your company. Set up procedures in the language that your workers prefer.​
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Connect from Different Devices

Let operators work in the same system while using a smartphone or tablet to access procedures in real-time.​

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Take your work instructions to the next level by adding the Continuous Improvement feature. Use a ticketing system to gather your workers’ suggestions and insights, then turn their feedback into actionable tasks to improve processes.

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