Azumuta Is Now Compatible With BarTender!

Azumuta is now compatible with BarTender- the professional batch label design & printing software. See how you can benefit from this plug-and-play integration!
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Published on:
17 April 2024
Updated on:
14 May 2024

Azumuta can now be coupled with BarTender to give you a next-level label design & printing experience! With this Azumuta-BarTender integration, making industrial labels will be a faster, easier, and more accurate process.

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A computer monitor displays the BarTender Cloud software interface, showing barcode labels being designed. The screen features various tools and options in the toolbar and a blank label canvas with two sample barcodes, each with different numeric codes.

What Is BarTender Software?

BarTender is a professional label designer & printer software from Seagull Scientific. It covers all your labeling needs; from design, printing, and ensuring compliance with major industry standards and regulations.

Thanks to its resourcefulness, BarTender is used across various industries – with over 100 billion labels printed annually. BarTender offers digital label printing solutions for everyone, from small businesses to multinational enterprises.

What Kind of Labels Can You Make With BarTender?

You can create any kind of label with BarTender. Some of the most common label types are:

  • Energy label for electronics.
  • Nutrition information for food & beverage products.
  • Traceable product order stickers.
  • Workplace safety signs.
  • Scannable price label for retail goods.

To see more possibilities, check out BarTender’s wide selection of ready-to-use templates.

A black and white label with various details including part numbers, barcodes, dates, and identification codes. Key text includes GENERAL MOTORS CORP ORION ASSEMBLY PLANT, part number 12345678, date 17FEB2023, reference G1155, and the label

How to Use the BarTender Software?

You can use BarTender to design and print any label. After installing the software, you can start designing your desired label. Alternatively, you can also use the cloud-based version of BarTender.

You can use one of their 400 label templates – where you only need to type the label contents into the pre-existing fields. Afterward, BarTender will automatically generate your label. No design skills are necessary at all.

Additionally, you can also edit these templates or make your own from scratch. BarTender’s label editor is easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop and no-code nature. Thus, you can design your own label swiftly.

A screenshot of the Bartender Cloud software interface, showing a label design in the central workspace. The label includes several barcodes, text fields for the recipient and sender addresses, and parcel shipment details. Toolbars and menus surround the workspace.

After you’ve finished designing your label, the next step is to print it. BarTender is compatible with various label printers across multiple brands. Be sure to download the driver that suits your printer model beforehand.

Print Labels Just by Tapping Azumuta

With the Digital Work Instructions module, your operators can print labels with just a single tap. They only need to tap the “Print label” button on their work instructions. Then, Azumuta will do the rest.

A rectangular interface titled

After an easy setup, of your operator’s printer, BarTender, and Azumuta will be connected. Then, by adding this step to the work instruction, Azumuta will send an automated request to BarTender, which will print the desired labels on your operator’s printer. Afterward, Azumuta will automatically proceed to the next instruction step.

This is a time-saving improvement. Your operators no longer need to open multiple software and navigate back and forth between them just to print labels. Everything can be done from within the Azumuta Platform. It also lowers error possibilities – as your operators can only print the predetermined label set by the admins.

Similarly, it only takes a few seconds for admins to add a label printing task to their operators’ work instructions. Your admins only need to input the properties of the desired labels, and that’s it. Our software will automatically forward everything to your operators’ work instructions.

A screenshot of a print label interface. The user is configuring Webhook URL settings including the URL, request method (POST), and a Webhook payload containing serial number details. A checkbox for automatic continuation is also present.

Why Is This Integration Beneficial For You?

The Azumuta-BarTender integration improves your plant’s production speed, precision, and compliance with regulations. Here are some of the most evident benefits:

Automated Label Printing Technology

This integration allows you to assign label printing as one of the steps in your digital work instructionsIn this step, your operators will only need to tap the “Print label” button, and the requested label will be printed immediately. Afterward, the operators’ screen will automatically shift to the next instruction step.

This automation allows you to print large batches of labels quickly. Your operators no longer need to manually select which labels to print and then print each batch individually.

A barcode label printer on a wooden desk is printing a strip of barcode labels. Next to the printer, there is a black calculator and other office supplies. The setting appears to be an office or workspace.

Better Traceability and Compliance

With the ease of printing labels, you can now assign a scannable serial number label for each product being made in your plant. This makes identifying products for quality control an easier task.

For an additional layer of traceability, you can also manage customer complaints by tracking back released product records & checking their entire production process using our scannable serial number label.

A man wearing a yellow safety vest and hard hat examines a stack of lumber in a warehouse. He holds a tablet in one hand and uses a device to scan a barcode with the other hand.

Furthermore, BarTender templates and its label designer help you to comply with various standards and regulations, such as the GS1 StandardsGHS Classifications, and the EU Food Allergen Labeling.

Integrating BarTender With Your Azumuta Platform

The Azumuta-BarTender integration covers all of your label printing needs. You no longer need to use multiple software to design, print, and distribute your labels.

If you already have an existing BarTender setup, then it’ll be a plug-and-play integration. No coding nor extensive configurations are needed to couple both platforms.

If you have any questions about integrating Azumuta with BarTender or any other label printing software, you can always contact us!

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Which Other Integration Options Does Azumuta Offer?

Besides the Azumuta-BarTender integration, Azumuta is also compatible with many other tools, such as:

  • Document & file storage tools (Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and SFTP).
  • ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Plan-de-CAMpagne).
  • Google Calendar.
  • Microsoft Power BI.
  • Shopfloor device integrations (Desoutter Tools, Open Protocol, Shopfloor API, and Webhooks).
  • Team collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams and Slack).
  • User authentication systems (Google Accounts, LDAP, OAuth, and Single Sign On).

Check out the full range of our integration possibilities.

Are your desired tools not included on our list? Don’t worry! Our team can also couple them with your Azumuta platform!

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