Azumuta Raises EUR 2.8 Million For Further International Growth

Brussels, Oct. 2 –Ghent-based Azumuta successfully raised EUR 2.8 million. The promising B2B SaaS platform helps companies in the manufacturing industry to streamline work instructions, training, and audits on the shop floor. Investors include PMV, Angelwise, and 4 private investors.
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Published on:
02 October 2023
Updated on:
14 February 2024

It’s a problem that many SMEs and larger companies in the manufacturing industry need help with the lack of adequate supervision, quality control, and training for their employees. Too often, this leads to mistakes and inefficiencies on the shop floor, which is not always known by those in the upper management, leading to hidden turnover losses. Ghent-based Azumuta, founded by Batist Leman in 2016, offers an innovative solution by developing software that supports employees at different levels in the production process and offers the management team a better view of their company’s performance on the shop floor.

Founder and CEO Batist Leman explains: “In many companies today, instructions and quality controls for operators are only available on paper. Not only are they unclear and not up to date, but the possibility of feedback and analyses are also lacking. Our software offers clear work instructions and in-line quality control, which automatically adapts to the operator’s skills and the configuration of the product order. Azumuta visually and interactively guides the operator through the entire production process. This allows even less experienced people to participate productively right away, increases productivity, and quickly detects any inefficiencies in production.”

Huge Potential

Azumuta’s platform is designed for various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and chemicals. With built-in real-time analytics and reporting, companies can easily monitor performance and identify areas for improvement in terms of efficiency and quality. This is possible through four different modules. These modules can be used separately, but are even more powerful when combined: Digital Work instructions, Skills Matrix & Training, Audits & Digital Checklists, and Quality Management.

Several Belgian manufacturing companies, including Novy, Duvel Moortgat, Nitto, and Atlas Copco, are already working with the Azumuta software, and Azumuta is also gaining ground abroad. Roald Borré, Group Manager Risk Capital at PMV, sees in this the harbinger of a promising international growth story: “The market size of the manufacturing industry is large. The European sector alone has over 29 million employees and 2 million manufacturing companies across SMEs and large enterprises. Many companies still work with pen, paper, or Excel, translating into a great opportunity for Azumuta. With the capital support, they can gamble on larger companies to broaden their customer base.”

“It is almost becoming unthinkable for an Operations Manager not to have a platform to support the people on the factory floor,” says Dirk Vermunicht, investor and member of the Board of Directors.

The future of workers in manufacturing companies is one of five significant challenges ahead, according to a recent World Economic Forum report. More complex work, changing demographics, and increased job disruption. With Azumuta, companies are preparing themselves against these issues and turning the challenges into advantages.

Competitive Advantage

Azumuta outclasses many international players because they often offer only one module and often require separate programming based on a specific customer problem. Azumuta differentiates itself by integrating several complementary modules into the same platform. According to Batist Leman, the overlap of the different modules is a great added value for the end customer: “For the implementation of our software, no separate programming is required, but thanks to an OpenAPI, we are easily connectable with ERP systems and even workstation peripherals such as torque tools, scales, and other tools. This makes our platform quickly deployable, very powerful, and flexible. Moreover, we feel empowered by the enthusiastic reactions of our customers, who often choose us because of our user-friendly user interface and the complementarity and interaction between the modules. Therefore, we are well positioned to compete internationally.”

Financing for International Growth

To further accelerate Azumuta’s growth story, the Flemish investment company PMV, Angelwise, and 4 private investors are providing additional capital.

According to Jan Vorstermans, Managing Partner at Angelwise, the focus will be on international growth and further software development: “Azumuta can now focus on supporting their international customers and continue the organic growth abroad. For this purpose, the search for expert software developers and experienced sales professionals in the manufacturing sector is already underway.”

“We are meanwhile becoming a global player and therefore consciously set the bar very high in our recruitment,” said Batist Leman. “The team must be able to cope with and help support the rapid growth, for which the software we deliver must be innovative and of excellent quality.”

About Azumuta

Azumuta is located in the heart of Ghent, with its office in the Kouter business district. “To enjoy the dynamics of this city, we occasionally take advantage of the many restaurants nearby,” the team adds.

For international customers, the origin of the name “Azumuta” lies in the Japanese word “始めた,” or “I started.” It stands for different values: An action, a new beginning, a personal commitment and responsibility, self-assurance and hope. When asked further, Azumuta conveys that the Ghent dialect may also have something to do with it.

About Angelwise

Angelwise is an early-stage investment fund whose primary focus is to provide maximum support to startups and young companies to their next growth stage, preferably with business angels or other early-stage funds. The principal shareholders of the fund are PMV, COI, BAN Flanders, the fund managers, and more than eighty business angels. Established in 2021, the fund has raised approximately EUR 20 million to build an ecosystem of companies that can help materialize society’s digital transformation. For more information, please visit

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