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Ghent-based Atelier Ternier explains why they chose Azumuta

Furniture maker and owner Frank Ternier, has his workshop in Ghent. Besides executing projects for designers and architects, the company employs 11 people. His passion for custom-made furniture has remained as high as ever since its foundation in 1994. The recruitment of motivated and experienced employees is very important for him in order to keep the focus on custom-made work.

A spacious, industrial-style room with white brick walls is filled with assorted quirky furniture and art pieces. There's a tall white pole in the middle, and colorful items like small sculptures, geometric wooden furniture, and wall-mounted art are scattered around.
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Atelier Ternier
Ghent, Belgium

With Azumuta you have all the know-how of your entire company at your fingertips.

Frank Ternier
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Furniture manufacturer with workshop in Ghent

Under its label LabtAtelier Ternier presents a collection of designer furniture in collaboration with designers from various disciplines. In Labt, ideas are formed in trust and respect, which lead to internationally recognised and nationally awarded products.

A collage of six minimalist and modern kitchens featuring a variety of sleek designs and materials. Each kitchen has unique elements such as exposed beams, wooden cabinetry, open shelving, industrial touches, and ample natural light from large windows.

From designers to architects

At Atelier Ternier, custom work is performed together with architects and designers. The project manager measures everything, draws the plan and incorporates every detail into the design. Once the plan is approved, Atelier Ternier takes care of the production.

“Winning the trust of the architect is essential for building up your customer segment. It creates a bond that results in quality designs”, says Frank Ternier Founder of Atelier Ternier.

A collection under the label Labt

“Just like any other company that delivers customised work, we also have the drive and ambition to guarantee the best service for the customer with modern machinery, motivated people and a professional approach. A logical step was the introduction of the Labt label.”

“The philosophy behind Labt is: to create space where ideas can be realised under optimal conditions. Labt’ stands for Labo Ternier. The collection consists of limited and collectible pieces. They are always produced in smaller editions at the workshop.”

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Step by step to a digital studio

The need for a digital system had been there for a long time. I started looking and ended up at Azumuta. I wondered if the ‘Azo moeta’ would stand for the Ghent dialect. It seemed a simple, but very powerful system!

Frank Ternier

“Having a software that offers work instructions, manuals and visual support in one location was a necessity for us. Digitalisation is a continuous process, which means we have to respond to new trends and new technologies used in the workshop.”

“We had the employees in the workshop start automating all the manuals in Azumuta. Via tablets they get an overview of the right steps, they see which action is best for which piece of furniture. With the help of Azumuta we are going for a ‘paperless’ Atelier, which makes for a much more efficient production process.”

“Despite the fact that we deliver custom-made furniture, we saw existing know-how disappearing. Today, with Azumuta, knowledge transfer is centralised and maintained in one tool. It is easier to work if you have support from things you have already built up in the past. Thanks to Azumuta we can today in the Atelier efficiently consult the right steps and afterwards make any adjustments.”

“The strongest feature of Azumuta is that work instructions speak for themselves. With the use of images, videos and instructions we ensure consistency in the way we work,” says Frank.

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Future perspectives within customisation

“At the moment, we work exclusively at the request of the architect. In the future, we would like to combine our Labt collection with custom work and in this way develop a form of co-working and establish sustainable partnerships. For companies, we would also like to combine customisation with the collection to create a total design and experience for their office. This will also give our furniture makers the opportunity to improve their skills and grow further.”

This is how Azumuta helps companies like Atelier Ternier:

  • Switch to a paperless workshop
  • All digital furniture manuals
  • All knowledge and experience in one handy tool

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