For operators and production teams

Azumuta supports any operator

Keeps all your operators connected and productive

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One place for all your work instructions.

All instructions, processes and images performed by operators are now gathered in one place.

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Collect and display all information in the most convenient way.

PDF-format, tablets, screens, AR or VR? Decide the platform in which you will digitally support your operators.

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Conduct training customized for the operator.

Allow your production workers to learn in the factory. On-the-job training anywhere, anytime.

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Allow audits to be carried out on the factory floor.

Optimize audits and go through checklists for risk control, compliance, machines and product processes.

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Continuous improvement of the processes in the factory.

Obtain insights with reports and statistics. Troubleshooting and problem reporting in an accessible way for every factory employee.

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