Audits and Digital Checklists

Manage safety, maintenance, compliance, and quality audits with Azumuta. Plan your audits and create audit checklists for 5S inspections, ISO compliance, preventive maintenance, and more. Have real-time insights into the state of your shop floor and pull automated reports to share your findings.

Audits and digital checklists for manufacturing

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Create a Safety Audits Checklist

Manage your safety audits on the shop floor by creating digital checklists. Have all your audits available in one place: general safety audits, quality audits, 5S audits, and more. 

Easily build and manage checklists using Azumuta’s drag & drop elements and customize your checklist for your different types of audits. 

Capture images and videos to document safety issues from any device. Then add them to Azumuta to guide your team through safety measures and flag issues. 

Plan your ad-hoc or recurrent safety audits ahead of time and keep track of your pending safety tasks through an easy-to-use schedule. Associate safety measures with work instructions and users to enable operators to ensure safety on the shop floor.

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Ticketing System for manufacturers
Audit schedule for manufacturing
Preventive Maintenance planner
Monitoring preventive maintenance in manufacturing
Audits & Digital Checklists
Maintenance audit report for manufacturing

Create a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Take control of your maintenance processes with Azumuta’s digital checklists. Plan, monitor, report, and keep a record of your shop floor preventive maintenance actions.

Plan your new or recurrent maintenance processes ahead of time and add them to an interactive digital schedule. Associate maintenance audits with work instructions and users to enable operators to perform the right maintenance tasks on time. 

Prevent unexpected downtimes, machine breakdowns, and equipment failure by monitoring maintenance operations from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Use Azumuta’s maintenance log options to keep a record of your maintenance audits and compare new and previous results. Track your maintenance performance over time to visualize your progress.

Create streamlined reports to share the status of your maintenance processes and the findings of your audits. Add images and videos to make them even more interactive and clear. 

Set an Audit Schedule

Visualize all your shop floor audits on a single platform. Have your new or recurrent audits available in an interactive timeline to keep track of your team’s progress.

Set automatic notifications and reminders to your colleagues and ensure your team is aligned regarding the audits scheduled. You can also assign specific tasks to individual users and designate authorized staff to approve and e-sign audits and tasks.

Keep track of your recurrent or ad-hoc audits scheduled. From the timeline, you’ll be able to set up follow-up events to make sure all the activities around the audits are in place.

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Timeline to plan for audits in manufacturing plant
Quality Audits powered by Azumuta

“Not only the filling in of the production reports goes much faster, with Azumuta it’s also possible to follow the entered data in real-time by different people from different computers. The immediate visualization of the data enables us to intervene immediately if necessary.”


Jurgen Kuppens - Production coordinator at Nitto

Nitto Jurgen Koppens​

You obtain an overview of the entire factory floor and get a very quick view of the status of each audit. Employees can also enter comments, making product follow-up very easy!


Raf Kenis, Quality Manager at Provan

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Preventative Maintenance Software
historical versions of work instructions


Create workflows in just a few clicks and automate notifications, alerts, and updates. You can also trigger a pre-defined set of steps or tasks to follow according to the particular scenarios that happen on the shop floor. Then, let it work run in the background!

Take your shop floor data to other applications via API or transform it into beautiful dashboards and have it available in Azumuta.

Set automatic notifications, reminders, and updates for your team. Assign them tasks and designate specific people to approve and e-sign processes.

Use Azumuta’s Approval Workflow to ensure that each preventive maintenance task is properly monitored and approved by a qualified person. You can even assign different people to approve the same tasks. 

Continuous Improvement

Take your audits and preventive maintenance to the next level by adding the Continuous Improvement feature. This add-on enables frontline workers to respond to issues, detect root causes, and report issues more efficiently.

Track the Progress of your Audits

Build and leverage your own dashboard to visualize the progress and trends of your audits. Monitor your progress in real time and enhance your reports with graphics to share your progress in just a few clicks.

Build charts to analyze the general status of your shop floor or particular aspects of it, such as non-conformities or opportunities. You can also keep track of the status of all the tasks or procedures in your checklists.

Keep a historical record of your audits. This functionality allows you to compare new and previous results. By tracking the performance over time you can visualize the progress of your compliance efforts.

Monitor the progress of your maintenance and safety processes and actions in real time. By keeping a close eye on your live monitoring dashboards, you can identify the root cause of errors in your production lines and tackle them on time.

Capture and monitor all the activity related to your audits in a single platform. Keep track of the data gathered across the shop floor, including the one captured on machines, peripheral devices, the ERP system, or your team’s work phones and tablets.

Maintenance Audit checks and planning
Historical data logbook for manufacturing audits
Monitoring preventive maintenance in manufacturing
Audits reports for manufacturers by Azumuta

Data & Analytics Dashboard

Have a complete overview of your safety and maintenance performance and progress. Track your path to compliance, manage scorecards, heatmaps, metrics, and non-conformance analysis.

All from a single platform!

Many More Features

Connect with Peripheral Devices

Connect Azumuta to the peripheral devices used on the shop floor during audits or safety and maintenance inspections.

Operator and Admin Interface

Offer unique views for the different production teams. Keep control of who can view and who can create processes and procedures.

ISO Requirements

Improve quality standards and meet ISO requirements by implementing procedures & standards, online training, and better communication.

Compatible with Smartphones or Tablet

Let operators work in the same system while using a smartphone or tablet to access procedures in real time.​


Support different languages in your company. Set up procedures in the language that your workers prefer.​

Integrate with Other Systems

Connect Azumuta to your ERP system, and other applications you are using across your shop floor or factory. 

Audits & Digital Checklists

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