Digital Torque Wrench

Bring unparalleled clarity and precision to the shop floor by employing digital work instructions alongside your digital torque wrench. Say goodbye to errors by integrating your digital torque wrench with digital work instructions.

Digital Torque Wrench

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Introducing a Game-Changing Combination!

Digital Torque Wrench + Digital Work Instructions

Enhance precision effortlessly with a digital torque wrench. Pair it with digital work instructions for speedy, visual guides. Say farewell to hefty paper manuals; access instructions on your devices. This combo elevates product quality and reputation for an error-proof assembly line.

Real-time Torque Monitoring

Have total oversight of your manufacturing process with real-time readings of your digital torque wrenches being fed into your PC/tablet/smartphone in real-time. With this integration, you can monitor the quality compliance of your products, from the comfort of your desk.

Real-time torque monitoring provides comprehensive insight into your manufacturing process by delivering live data from your digital torque wrenches directly to your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Seamlessly integrate digital torque wrench data to monitor and maintain the quality compliance of your products, all conveniently accessible from your desk, optimizing quality control processes.

Leverage real-time torque monitoring data to optimize production efficiency and identify opportunities for process improvement, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient manufacturing operation.

Digital Torque Wrench
Digital Torque Wrench

Straightforward and Intuitive Work Instructions

Instead of being text-heavy, digital work instructions focus on visual elements, such as images and schematics. Countless studies have found that the human brain processes image-based information much faster and more accurately than text-based ones.

Visual work instructions leverage images and schematics, enabling faster and more accurate comprehension compared to text-heavy instructions.

Digital work instructions prioritize an intuitive approach, reducing complexity and making tasks more accessible to a wider range of users.

Effortless Data Logging

Most digital torque wrenches can store their present and past torque readings in their memory system. This data can be transferred to your company’s central database, and be used for future audit or certification purposes.

Harness the power of Azumuta with Digital Torque Wrenches to capture real-time data as tightening operations unfold. Our solution seamlessly integrates with a wide array of tools available in the market, including industry leaders like Atlas Copco, Stanley, Bosch, Desoutter, Acradyne, Ingersoll, Gelco, and various others, thanks to its adaptable services and APIs.

Leverage the stored torque data to bolster your compliance and certification procedures, simplifying the process of ensuring your operations consistently meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Digital Torque Wrench
When we weren’t working with Azumuta, a lot of things were kept in Excel on a daily basis. Registration of torque values, workers who worked on the cart, recorded time entries. This was extremely labor- and time-intensive! Thanks to the platform, everything is now done automatically in the background, by Azumuta.
Digital Torque Wrench
Brecht Landrieux
Assembly Manager at Addax Motors
By providing technology support in every aspect of the manufacturing process, Azumuta helps teams of operators improve overall productivity. “Our factory supervisors and department heads were trained to use the software to automate workflows, more flexibly guide (complex) assembly processes and schedule quality checks.
Digital Torque Wrench
Alex Deleenheer
Process Engineer at Petersime
Where we used to work on paper and PDF, today we run completely digitally.” The work instructions are accessible in an interactive and digital way. “Not to mention each bench is assembled in a different way, Azumuta makes it possible to show the work instructions to the operators in a proper and correct way, without excess
Digital Torque Wrench
Raf Kenis
Quality Manager at Provan
Due to the digital work instructions from Azumuta we can monitor our processes better. This way, we can ensure that our workers always have the correct version. Thanks to Azumuta, our workers can work more independently. Our monitors have to intervene less, resulting in a calmer atmosphere on the shop floor.
Digital Torque Wrench
Kurt van der Made
Expert Labor Preparation at Bewel
Digital Torque Wrench

Active Error Prevention and Notification

Thanks to its high precision sensors, a digital torque wrench can easily detect torquing mistakes. Many digital torque wrenches are equipped with audio-visual feedback notifications, informing the user whether the correct torque value has been applied. When integrated with a digital work instructions platform, you will also be notified if a torquing error has occurred, even if you’re not on the shop floor.

High precision sensors in digital torque wrenches detect torquing mistakes with unparalleled accuracy, reducing the risk of errors in your assembly processes.

Many digital torque wrenches provide immediate audio-visual feedback notifications to ensure users apply the correct torque value, enhancing accuracy and reducing human error.

When integrated with a digital work instructions platform, receive real-time error notifications, even if you’re not on the shop floor, allowing for prompt intervention and quality control from anywhere.

Featured Video: Integrating with Digital Work Instructions

Did you know that your digital torque wrench can be integrated with other devices? Thanks to Azumuta’s Digital Work Instructions module, your digital torque wrench can send and receive information to your PC, tablet, smartphone, and other app-compatible device.

Easy to Make Work Instructions

Creating digital work instructions have never been easier. Images, arrow pointers, videos, and other visual cues are at your disposal. With a drag-and-drop interface, no prior coding or graphic design skills are needed.

Elevate your work instructions with images and videos to provide crystal-clear guidance, reducing errors and enhancing user understanding.

Create professional-grade digital work instructions effortlessly with our drag-and-drop interface, no coding or graphic design skills required. Empower your entire team to collaborate and boost efficiency.

Digital Torque Wrench
Work Instruction creation

100% Paperless Instructions

Save unnecessary paper and ink costs by switching from paper-based work instructions to a digital one. Good for your finances, and for the planet as well.

Transitioning to digital work instructions eliminates the need for paper and ink, contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment while also reducing costs.

Digital work instructions offer increased accessibility and mobility, allowing workers to access the information they need from any location or device, streamlining workflows and improving productivity.

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Many More Features

Standardized Work Instructions

Offer a robust and standardized space for all the work documentation. No more clumsy editing of Word documents, Excel, or Sharepoint.

Operator and Admin Interface

Offer unique views for the different production teams. Keep control of who can view and who can create processes and procedures.

ISO Requirements

Improve quality standards and meet ISO requirements by implementing procedures & standards, online training, and better communication.

QR codes

Let operators scan QR codes to access instructions and procedures on their workstation.​


Support different languages in your company. Set up procedures in the language that your workers prefer.​

Connect from Different Devices

Let operators work in the same system while using a smartphone or tablet to access procedures in real-time.​

Introducing a Game-Changing Combination!

Achieve Error-Free Manufacturing with Integrated Solutions

Embrace industrial automation to enhance speed, quality, and defect-free manufacturing while replacing manual controls, paperwork, and guesswork with digital solutions for seamless efficiency. Integrate with Azumuta now for a more competitive edge.

Digital Work Instructions

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