Data & Analytics

Collect and monitor production data, and use analytics to create real-time metrics, with no-code workflows, dashboards and reports. Get a clear picture of your manufacturing operations.

Integrate all of your shop floor data into customized dashboards and graphs, identify KPIs with data visualization, and uncover important AI-driven insights that will boost productivity on the shop floor.

Track metrics that matter and get a clear picture of your manufacturing operations.


Capture Real-Time Data & Gain Insights

Keep an overview of the entire shop floor and closely monitor production. Capture data from production processes, machines, people and devices and infuse them into configurable dashboards and tables.

Simplify reporting and decision-making by leveraging historical data and real-time information. Make your reports more meaningful, impactful, and actionable.


Easy data collection​

Automatically collect and track real-time data on your operations and achieve maximum production efficiency. Eliminate manual data entry.

Real- Time visibility​

Production teams and management can easily access the most recent data, which greatly improves visibility across the shop floor.

Cross-functional data analytics​

Use cross-functional data analytics to combine information from several data sources to provide a high-level view of the end-to-end manufacturing activities. Create cross-functional reports and get actionable insights out of it.​

Prepare data for analysis​

Collect, prepare, transform and catalog production data with our enhanced, self-service data preparation tool.

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Visualize your Data into Dashboards

Monitor and visualize shop floor data with out-of-the box analytics. Transform your data into compelling dashboards and tables with no-code visualizations that anybody can create and understand.

With just a few clicks, you can create impactful dashboards that give actionable insights.

Production data​

Easily visualize production order status, defect rates, machine data, manufacturing targets, and more.


Set-up simple and insightful dashboards with a readable user interface and follow-up on real-time KPIs and metrics. Identify gaps in your business performance and face any challenges with ease.

Statistical process control ​

Set-up statistically acceptable tolerance range based on historical production data. Receive automated notifications anytime your operations are approaching critical tolerances. This, in turn, helps reduce process variation, improves manufacturing efficiency and lowers overall production costs.

Assign tasks and signatures​

Assign tasks to a specific team member and identify authorized users to sign off if needed.

Collaborate with Teams and Share Insights

Collaborate with operators through secured dashboard sharing and permissions. Share your most interesting dashboards with your operators, hold meaningful discussions on reports, and use actionable insights to assign and prioritize tasks.

Keep everyone on the same page to make sure you're working toward the same goal.

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Link sharing​

Easily share your unique dashboard link with colleagues and collaborate troubleshoot solutions.

Empower everyone​

Upgrade your daily operations into an insight-driven company. Gain vital insights by using an easy-to-use user interface and compelling dashboards. Build a culture of continuous improvement across your operations.

Alerts & notifications

Receive automatic notifications and alert operators when your production data when certain deviations occur.

Export data ​

Export dashboards in multiple formats. Use our API system to export production data to your existing systems and tools like Power BI, Microsoft Office, and more, allowing for further in-depth analysis. Personalize reports to your desired format.

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Centralize all types of Production Data

Easily connect to all of your data sources, no programming skills needed. Integrate and centralize scattered production data from multiple data sources into Azumuta to create useful dashboards for continuous monitoring.


Gather all manufacturing insights directly from your workers in one place. Let your team capture defects, images for visual quality inspections, and product work orders to continuously improve operations. Ensure data integrity and traceability on the shop floor.


IoT Data collection is the smartest way for manufacturers to increase machine uptime and save costs. With the Azumuta IoT Connectivity you can collect data via different Collector Protocols like OPC UA, MQTT and Rest API.


Capture important IoT sensor data and get more insights in your production processes to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance worker safety.

No more paper

Visually guide operators in real-time and eliminate paper on the shop floor. Go for paperless manufacturing reporting and automatic data collection for the whole team. Get direct access to cycle times, process data and business insight.

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations