Food & Beverages

Deliver the Highest Food Quality, Safety and Efficiency in your production proces

If you work in food and beverage manufacturing, you understand how important it is to eliminate the different quality problems that could occur in the production process. In order to deliver consistent, high-quality goods Azumuta can assist. With extensive production controls and analysis throughout batch production, this robust software platform simplifies quality management and streamlines your production process.

  • Holistic Audit Trail and accessibility

    A thorough historical record that can be quickly recalled for any reason. A digital solution helps to supply that and complies with Quality and safety guidelines, whether it's to seek for ways for improvement or to help give an accurate audit trail.

  • Digital Work Instructions

    Have access to the entire company's knowledge and library. Be able to access best practices and SOPs specific to your industry and needs, and be able to add improvements and updates as necessary.

  • Integrated and scalable platforms

    Our quality management system helps to integrate with existing systems, so a complete systemic revamp isn't necessary. It only helps with connectivity and IoT with all related databases, machinery, and sensors.

  • Real-time data and analytics

    With all that tracking and monitoring, be able to create real-time metrics and analytics. No need for complex coding, as critical, readymade dashboards and reports are accessible and actionable.

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HACCP Compliance

Our system helps to be able to build out the right type of systemic approach to your food & beverages manufacturing needs. It will help to sync up the facilities and manufacturing equipment and ensure proper calibration. At the same time, it helps with easy access to staff training. Finally, it helps to digitally implement the right procedure and material management and composition to keep all the batches uniform

Data Integrity

Help your manufacturing process follow ALCOA+ principles once you integrate our quality management system. You'll be able to follow all the necessities of digitizing records and make them attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original, and accurate. At the + of ALCOA and also get ahead of the compliance game with complete, consistent, enduring, and easy-to-access data points, wherever you may be on the floor

Reduce batch deviation

Get both compliant and optimized with EBRs. These help to track each batch that is manufactured throughout the entire manufacturing and batch creation process. The information is there to adhere to compliance, but it also helps with identifying room for improvement and wherever the pain points may show up. In addition, EBRs will help with the data reporting and analytics to provide actionable information, as all data points are captured here. 

Food Safety Management via Electronic Batch Records

Many of the most important risks in the food and beverage industry can be mitigated and reduced via digital traceability. It can improve the sustainability and cost-efficiency of the food supply chain by optimizing the use and reuse of materials or resources. Digital traceability involves documenting and linking the production, processing, and distribution chain of food products and its ingredients.

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Measurement of recipes

Define various check types such as photo upload, multiple choice, numeric, duration, calculation with upper and lower limits, single choice, date, selection of a configured test object, logical, text and document.

Product Data Management System

In the product data management system, our software stores data related to completed goods, raw materials, and packaging 

Open system Connectivity

Azumuta can communicate with other systems thanks to our connectors and Rest API. As a result, your product data is shared with your ERP, labeling software and other systems.

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Recipe specific instructions

Hundreds of distinct items (SKUs) are frequently produced by a single food or beverage factory. The product offering includes a wide range of flavors, package sizes, brands, and labels. Digital work instructions can tackle this challenge by showing recipe variant specific instructions faster.

Visual Aids and Images

By using visuals, businesses can ensure that the DWIs are accessible for employees with different learning styles. Each step in a procedure can be accompanied by visuals that accurately display the tasks and actions required.

Change Management

Organize the process of work instructions changes from requests to preapprovals, execution, and implementation

Guide operators with digital Work instructions

Guide staff through work preparations and production processes, HACCP protocols, weighing and dispensing processes with intuitive, mobile, and audit-proof work instructions. Directly control  continual quality at the point of action. Avoid using paper work instructions by synchronizing recipes and lead times with the ERP system.

A Clear Approach to Capa & Nonconformances

Nonconformance will occur in your food safety management system from time to time, and you will need to manage a remedial action. You'll also want to think about preventative measures to keep incidents like this from happening again.
The well-designed process simplifies dealing with corrective action by allowing you to assign tasks and track their accomplishment.

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Record problems right where they happen.

Issues may be noted quickly and allocated to the appropriate persons thanks to the integrated picture documentation. This always guarantees that the proper system is investigated.

Consistent and effective issue

Avoid doing duplicate tasks. Record issues in one location and export them to any third-party system. One database, many possibilities.

Clear responsibilities and task distribution

All relevant information, such as a description, photo documentation, location, and problem category categorization, are added automatically to the corresponding issue.

Safety Manager performing a 5S audit

Plan, schedule, review

Incorporate a maintenance schedule and checklist to ensure machinery is always checked as per regulations and track all these through a log report.

Non-conformance notification

Easily track & receive notifications of completed, in-progress or overdue audits, along with approvals and rejections.

Generate PDF of audit report

Checklists can be exported as audit-proof PDF test reports including signatures and timestamps when they have been completed.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Inspection Checklists

Most food corporations have various auditing programs in place. You may want to audit hygiene standards, workplace safety, training efficacy, and other aspects of your business. Azumuta has created a software module to help you manage all of your internal audit programs. This module enables you to plan and manage all audits from a single location, create custom checklists or utilize built-in system checklists, collect rich audit evidence, and publish audit results more quickly than ever before. Failed audit results may result in automatic notifications.

Industrial Shop Floor Connectivity

The majority of manufacturers' biggest challenge on the shop floor is visibility into operational technology data from machines, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for performing root cause analysis (RCA) when a line or machine fails, increasing throughput without sacrificing quality, and understanding micro-stoppages of machinery in real time. With Azumuta we capture every piece of production data for further analysis.

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Monitor Production Quality

Manufacturers may improve regulatory procedures and product quality by monitoring ingredient temperatures, flow rates, and distributions during the manufacturing process.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring enables for the early discovery of potential faults, which can help to extend equipment health and longevity.

Scoring & Dashboards

Be able to track everything in real-time through executive-style dashboards and reports. Leverage advanced formulas to deliver complex calculations and an automatic scoring that will be displayed in the reports.

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Mobile Learning

Your employees can complete training on the go and adjust their learning schedules while you track their progress.

Competency Matrix

Track performance and get an overview of the skills and competencies of your learners.

Training report​

Supervisors can view progress and completion based on each individual learner. Get an overview of the data you need via extensive reports.

Track experience with our compentency matrix

Give your manufacturing business the ability to build out a competency matrix. This will give you a complete overview of your manufacturing skill set based on the current employees and where improvements can be made. Then you'll be able to upskill those employees with on-the-job training to improve retention rates and employee satisfaction. All the while updating the competency matrix until it's well-rounded and robust.

Data security & integrity at Azumuta

Have the ability to pass any and every audit with a complete historical track record, as well as every update and electronic signature easily able to be verified, tracked, and traced. When you work with our platform, you'll see how fast you can get yourself 21 CFR part 11 compliant, follow ALCOA+ principles, and get yourself operating under cGMP rules and regulations.

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Audit Trails

Data integrity arrangements ensure that the accuracy, completeness, content and meaning of data is retained throughout the data lifecycle. 

Soc 2 compliant

Our SOC 2 certificate shows proof of trust and assurance to your production data by having implemented appropriate measures for security, confidentiality, privacy, availability, and integrity of customers' data.

Data Security

We have built a thorough set of organizational and technical safeguards that protect the safety of your data. We have clear internal regulations, a detailed onboarding procedure for staff, and give regular security training.

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations

Azumuta is the most complete software tool that eliminates the use of paperwork in your factory. From digital work instructions to frontline communication, data analysis, and IoT connection. It all starts here.

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