Future proof your operations

Paperless Factory

Use a powerful paperless software solution and get real-time control of production operations.
Create connectivity across the shop floor and get to a whole new level of real-time visibility for operations, quality control, operator training and data collecting!

Guide operators

Digital Work Instructions

All visual work instructions, training documents, and technical writing resources are easy to create and manage in one place. Centralize and standardize all of your documentation easily with Azumuta.

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Streamline quality processes

Quality Management

Manage and improve the quality of your operations, reduce human errors and boost quality control by our intuitive platform.

Boost continuous improvement

Audits & Digital Checklists

Improve safety on the shop floor with paperless audits and create digital checklists for quality audits, 5S, inspections, ISO compliance, preventive maintenance, and more.

Standardize audit procedures, analyze in real-time and provide insights with automated reports for the whole team.

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Increase employee engagement

Learning & Development

Train your employees with digital work instructions and checklists, using images and video to document processes. Track operator skill level and gain instant visibility into the skill set of your workforce.

Bring employees onboard more efficiently with self-learning and on-the-job learning.

Gain real-time production visibility

Issue & Improvement Tracking

Combine all messages from your production staff in one platform and capture insights. Capture insights on the frontline in an easy way. Allow operators to provide suggestions for process improvements directly from the production floor.

Follow up on issues in a structured way with the improvement boards, via the PDCA principle or a workflow of your choice.

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data and analytics

Monitor the shop floor

Data & Analytics

Collect and monitor production data, and use analytics to create real-time metrics, with no-code workflows, dashboards and reports. Get a clear picture of your manufacturing operations.

Easily identify KPIs with data visualization, and uncover important AI-driven insights that will boost productivity on the shop floor.

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