Quality Management

Ensure quality compliance and boost your metrics by tracking the entire production process and visualizing quality issues in real time. With Azumuta’s Quality Management module, you can manage audits, checklists, a ticketing system for issues, create management reports, and more!

Quality Management Azumuta

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Have a Complete Quality Management Software

Ensure your quality standards, requirements, and procedures are followed at every step of the production process. Track and trace your products throughout the supply chain and prevent quality issues on time.

Identify, track, and trace quality issues along the supply chain in real time. Ensure traceability and prevent issues by collecting data automatically, assigning digital signatures to ensure compliance, and zooming in on the friction points of your production for a more complete root cause analysis.

Within Azumuta’s digital work instructions you can indicate quality procedures and requirements to ensure your operators apply them to the production line. Use images, videos, and other visual references to guide them.

Make sure any quality issue or product defect can be identified and flagged in a timely matter by your operators. That way, you can be notified about issues and tackle them promptly.

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Quality Management
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Quality Management
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Track Quality Metrics and Share Reports

Monitor your quality issues, defect rates, and compliance from a user-friendly platform. Access product orders to ensure that the quality requirements are met and documented. Then leverage your quality metrics and finding across customizable reports. 

Build customized charts and dashboards to monitor and easily improve product quality. Detect unresolved tasks and identify the root cause of errors in your production lines.​

Make sure products never leave the shop floor without a quality inspection. Access product orders as well as any notes, images, and videos taken during production to ensure the quality requirements were successfully implemented.

Follow quality updates, issues, and operators feedback in real time. View the history of every quality control activity that took place on your production lines.​

Transform the results, metrics, and progress of your quality efforts into comprehensive and insightful reports and share them with other stakeholders. Leverage these reports on quality inspections and certifications.

Data & Analytics Dashboard

Have a complete overview of your safety and maintenance performance and progress. Track your path to compliance, manage scorecards, heatmaps, metrics, and non-conformance analysis.

All from a single platform!

From our quality department, we started to use product and process audits with Azumuta. For an 5S audit, our employees can use tablets to record the tour. But also by starting to digitize our entrance checks, we got better insights and improvement opportunities.

Jeroen Boone, Operationeel Production Manager at Duco Ventilation & Sun Control

With the introduction of Azumuta’s software solution, RPL was able to digitize their quality control process, allowing operators to perform quality checks using the software and capture data digitally.

Koen Catteeu - Operations Manager

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Speed Up Quality Compliance

Make quality controls, procedures, and compliance easier. Use digital documentation and checklists during your audits and production processes to ensure all your quality requirements are met. The result? A clear path to compliance!

Make it easier to comply with your quality and safety certifications by digitalizing reports, corrective actions taken, and requirements followed on the shop floor. Improve the way you present this documentation for quality inspections and have it always up-to-date.

Use digital checklists to keep track of the requirements and procedures needed to ensure compliance. Select the best format to list regulations and monitor the way these are implemented across the supply chain.

Easily compare and validate values gathered during the manufacturing process with the predefined values established on your ERP system. See all integrations available. 

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Quality Standards Training

Establish a smooth cross-team collaboration with your workforce and monitor their processes, friction points, and expertise levels. Plan, develop, and track trainings to ensure your frontline workers meet all requirements and qualifications.

Ensure that your team stays up-to-date with the latest quality procedures. Use Azumuta’s planning tools to schedule cross-training and re-training sessions for every team and share updates across your company.

Gain visibility into your operators’ actions to meet quality regulations. Have granular information about the production process followed and the quality requirements and procedures followed for each product.

Have safety and quality standard requirements always available in onboarding instructions and training material. Provide frontline workers with all the information they need to comply with your products’ quality standards.

Use the Skills Matrix to visualize the level of expertise of each member of your workforce. Keep track of the qualifications of your frontline workers and identify growth opportunities for each team or individual.

Perform Time Studies

Improve your quality standards and productivity with precision. Use the Time Studies add-on for labor planning, resource allocation, cost analysis, and process optimization.

Many More Features

ISO Requirements

Improve quality standards and meet ISO requirements by implementing procedures & standards, online training, and better communication.

Connect to Peripheral Devices

Connect Azumuta to the peripheral devices used on your shop floor. Then enable your operators to trigger actions from the platform. Learn more.

Bundle Plans

Combine the power of your Quality Management System with other solutions like Work Instructions and Audits & Digital Checklists.

Export DOCX Reports

Export your reports and other digital documents in different formats, including DOCX. Then edit and share them with other stakeholders. 

QR Codes

Let operators scan QR codes to access instructions and procedures on their workstation.​


Support different languages in your company. Set up procedures in the language that your workers prefer.​


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