Skill Matrix & Training

Empower your frontline workforce to learn and develop skills. Azumuta’s Skill Matrix and Training software allows you to keep track of your employee’s training progress and competencies. Identify your team’s growth opportunities and strengths and create a training planner to organize a clear learning path for your team. 

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Skill Matrix

Visualize the skills and competencies of your entire workforce. Define each skill and competency needed on your shop floor, training profiles, and the progress of your learning & development efforts.

Have a complete overview of the skills and competencies of your frontline workers. Quickly identify gaps in personnel, the strengths of each team or individual, and the necessary pieces of training to improve their results and productivity.

Supervise your team’s progress and training completion at an individual or team level. Combine this functionality with notifications, to remind your employees to complete their pieces of training.

Include the level of expertise each operator has performing tasks on the shop floor. By visualizing your team’s expertise levels you can group them, identify competency gaps, and define additional training needed. 

Use the information from your Skill Matrix to create clear reports about the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce, growth opportunities, and training paths.

Input your employees’ skill levels into our color-coded template. Then, our software will automatically generate the numerical value of each employee’s skill levels and directly map them. This will help you to match your employees’ skills to the task division so that their talent is always fully maximized.

Skill Matrix powered by Azumuta
Manufacturing training software
Training software manufacturing for levels of expertise per role
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Skill Matrix & Training
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Manufacturing training software
Training module by Azumuta
Skill Matrix & Training

Build a Manufacturing Training Plan

Create a clear learning and training plan for your employees. Customize your team’s learning experience according to their profiles and levels of expertise.

Create a timeline with all the pieces of training planned for each team or employee. Add legal and safety training to ensure your team stays compliant with industry regulations. You can also add documentation and other resources to your planning. Learn more here.

Plan onboarding, ad-hoc, or continuous learning training. Assign them to entire teams or individual contributors. You can easily establish recurrent or periodic training sessions and add them automatically to your planner.  

Create individual profiles for each employee and visualize their expertise level, past and upcoming training, and preferred language.

Creating and running a training program has never been easier. You can switch between training subjects, select the participants, attach training materials, and set a timeline, which will send an automated notification to your employees’ devices when training is due. These features allow both team-wide and individually tailored training programs.

Combine with Work Instructions

Take your training to the next level by combining your Skill Matrix and Training module with Work Instructions. Leverage interactive training material with images, videos, lists of symbols and materials needed, and much more.

 Through Azumuta employees can work much more independently, and this also pays off in their commitment. Their self-image goes up which results in a positive approach to themselves and others.”

Dominique Kesteloot, Process Improvement manager at WAAK

Azumuta has greatly simplified the learning process for the new people. With us, instructions are maintained and refined throughout the year. Whenever there are ambiguities, they are systematically clarified.

Assembly Manager at Addax Motors

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Automate HR Processes

Use automated reminders, follow-ups, approval flows, and knowledge checks to save time in training-related HR tasks. Ensure that all required training and learning opportunities are notified to employees on time automatically.

Take control of your shop floor compliance by scheduling and following up on safety training and other legally required certifications. Track completion, request e-signatures, and manage approval flows.

Use automated or triggered notifications to alert employees about upcoming training, updates, overdue learning opportunities, certifications required, etc. 

Build and share knowledge checks to revisit learning experiences, identify training or learning gaps, and ensure the complete mastery of the required skills. 

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Skill Matrix & Training

Encourage Proactive Trainees

Empower your employees be the drivers of their own training and encourage them to learn independently. Provide easy-to-follow and customized training, adjusted to their level of expertise and accessible at any time.

Enable access to the platform from any device. Have your Skill Matrix, Training Planner, and other resources available on the mobile app through IOS, Android, and Windows.

Allow workers with a higher level of expertise to speed up parts of training. Assign customized paths to certain employees to fit their competencies and save them time on knowledge points they already master.

Create different learning paths according to your employees’ profiles and growth needs. Encourage independent learning by notifying employees about their past and scheduled training and using interactive training material. 

Easy customization means easy planning and execution of employee training programs. Train your employees in the short and long terms. Close short-term skills gaps and arrange long-term employee development programs for junior employees, ensuring their growth and loyalty in the long run.

Advanced Integration with Existing Systems

Azumuta can easily be integrated with various other software, including HR and Learning Management System (LMS) tools. Moreover, you can delegate administrator rights to selected employees so that you don’t have to run everything on your own. Hence, transitioning to Azumuta will be a walk in the park.

Combine Azumuta with renowned HR and LMS tools such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others. Merge Azumuta’s powerful skill matrix features with other software’s functionalities.

Keep everything in order by limiting who can edit and participate in your training programs. Setting user authorization takes only a few clicks with Azumuta.

Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training

Quality Management and Compliance Features

Ensure that your employees are always up-to-date with the latest quality standards. Ensure your products’ compliance by consistently training your employees and providing them with the latest relevant industry certifications. Pair with our Quality Management module.

Train your employees on your chosen quality standards. Create training materials in a matter of minutes thanks to our drag-and-drop Digital Work Instructions module. Equip them with visual elements such as images, videos, and even 3D models supported by symbols and icons.

Prepare and manage your employees’ industry certification under one roof. When their certification’s expiry is imminent, you and the related employee will be automatically notified. This allows ample time to prepare the certification extension, ensuring all your employees are always industry-certified.

When your employees are well-trained and fully certified, your entire production line is most likely to conform to the existing industry standards. With Azumuta, say goodbye to defective products and failing audits.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Company-wide capacity building? Individualized coaching? Onboarding new recruits? Refreshers course for senior employees with decades of experience? This module can be used for all types of training and employee assessment, regardless of the scale.

Draft individually tailored short and long-term training programs for your employees. Keep track of their skills growth and training history under one tab.

Organizing new recruits’ onboarding and reskilling existing employees can be done simultaneously. With our planning feature, you can see all of your employees’ training timetables under one tab. Hence, if multiple employees require the same training, you can run them concurrently, saving you valuable time.

Our software offers unparalleled scalability. Training programs of all scales, be it individual, department-level, or even organization-wide, can be easily run and managed. With a few clicks, you can select the participating employees, and our software will do the rest, displaying the details and notifying the selected employees.

Divide your employees into groups with ease, be it based on their department or skill levels. With this segmentation, your training programs will always be properly aligned with the needs of your employees.

Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training
Skill Matrix & Training

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Connect Azumuta to your existing HR and LMS platforms and other applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Email Support

Azumuta's support team is happy to help you set up your Skill Matrix, Training Planner, other modules, and integrations.

Leverage Historical Data

Azumuta considers your workers' training history. That way, you'll only alert them about not-completed training. 

User provisioning​

Set up the right accounts with appropriate permissions, put them in the right groups, and ensure they have the right tools.


Easily segment learners into relevant groups according to expertise, role, and the area of growth you want to encourage.


Support different languages in your company. Set up procedures in the language that your workers prefer.​


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