Issue & Improvement Tracking

Combine all messages from your production staff in one platform and capture insights. Capture insights on the frontline in an easy way. Allow operators to provide suggestions for process improvements directly from the production floor.

Follow up on issues in a structured way with the improvement boards, via the PDCA principle or a workflow of your choice.


Ticketing System

Gather all insights directly from your workers in one place. Use our ticketing system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving all kind of events.

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Easy reporting of improvement ideas​

Allow operators to provide improvement ideas directly within any step of a work instruction. Nothing ever get lost.

Capture in the field​

Let your team capture insights with video and images to continuously improve operations.

Automatic notifications​

Set up automatic notifications and reminders of new issues or tickets.

Incident management​

Determine how production disruptions are detected and communicated, who is responsible, and what steps are taken to resolve the incident.

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Improvement Boards

Streamline tasks with customizable views as a Kanban, calendar, 8D or PDCA view, all at the same time. So, your team can work the way that works for them.

Follow up on issues in a structured way and help workers get started without any hassle.

Multiple views​

Manage your tasks on boards, lists, a grid or calendar view.

Track progress​

Track the progress of any ticket in the dashboards and react faster to problems.

Customize statuses​

Set custom statuses for different sort of tickets that represent your task completion stage.

Ready-made board templates​

Use pre-built board templates to streamline insights or create a workflow of your choice.

Task Management

Create and organize tasks in a digital way and visualize progress of submitted tickets.

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Plan & follow up on tasks​

Plan and manage tasks in just a few clicks and strategize with sub-tasks and dependencies.

Task assignment​

Employees are notified in real time when tasks are assigned.

Collaborate with the team​

Let workers share images, videos, and any comments in your task board.

Task tracking​

Keep track of all tasks, activities, time log and product updates.

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Manage & Organize

Track issues and nonconformities and organize all sort of tickets with our simple and easy-to-use issue tracking software.

Unique issues ID​

Build different types of charts to analyze failures and KPIs for audits. See open checklist tasks and identify the root cause of errors in your production lines.

Search and Filters​

Follow updates, human errors and feedback in real-time. View the history of every inspection that took place on your production lines.

Status & link to tasks​

Stay on top of open and resolved issues – link each issue to a specific task and assign issues a priority.

Report and share​

Consult digital reports with audit data and access past safety audit reports anytime.

Task Tracking & Dashboards

Quickly understand your team’s performance by managing all tasks in one place - create clear processes and make sure tasks move through each stage of the workflow.

Easily spot bottlenecks and frequently recurring errors in your production processes.

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Expression & rule engine​

Streamline routine tasks with customizable rules. Because of the workflow rules, tasks automatically take place in the background. Assign tasks to a specific team member.

Push workflow forward​

Put your no-code workflow on autopilot and let automations do the work for you. Keep your operators on track with automatic alerts and status updates.

Risk management​

Azumuta gives you the ability to manage, monitor and evaluate the risk impact with the help of risk matrix.

Manufacturing nonconformities​

Eliminate nonconformities with our digital solution. View pending issues, defects and actions in our improvement boards with the help of automatic notifications.

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations