Build Better Workinstructions, Faster

Easy to use & feature rich. Simplify any operational procedure with our ready-to-use templates and intuitive interface. Take images, add comments, and quickly access work instructions by scanning QR-codes on site. No more Word, Excel or PowerPoint for your work instructions.

digital work instructions

Work instruction software that
maximizes your production

digital work instructions

Smart Builder

There are many ways to manage work instructions. Upload images and add comments. With Azumuta everything is in one central location.

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Smart Checklists

Always reliable & secure. Increase the quality of your operations with digital checklists. Capture safety issues with photo or video evidence.

Azumuta improvement Boards

Smart Dashboards

Build customized dashboards to gain real-time production visibility. See how work is tracking at a glance with activity timelines and live metrics.

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Paperless work instructions, exactly the way
you want them

Drag and drop every element

Updating instructions has never been easier. Add, remove, or customize with just a few clicks. Anyone can use Azumuta, with no coding skills required.

Customize improvement boards

Integrate a feedback loop between shop floor operations and supervisors for process improvement. Allow operators to provide suggestions directly from the production floor.

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate with current tools you already know and love, and realize significant cost and time savings as well as enormous gains in production efficiency.

Azumuta Work Instruction

A new, better way to run your operations

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Give operator training​

Train your employees with digital work instructions. Track operator skill level and gain instant visibility into the skill set of your workforce.

Version control and approval flows

View and compare different versions of edits that are made to your standards. Approve draft versions as a new revision official version.

Operator and admin interface​

Our intuitive interface is designed for the entire production team, for the creation of processes and procedures.​

Batist Leman, CEO Azumuta
"Being able to provide visual, paperless instructions to support operators perform daily tasks and complex processes - that’s really been the key to the success of many production companies."
Batist Leman
CEO Azumuta

Join the digital revolution in
shop floor operations